Our Story is a Heritage

Sacred Touch is the new spiritual hub, a combination of over 30 years of presence online. These include the hundreds of products from our online store, original artworks, webinars and teachings, Spiritis church programs, events which are internationally recognized through its famous works like Love Without End books, courses, and events and has sold thousands of gift creations, master essential oil blends and more from our world famous author and artist Glenda Green, a bishop in Spiritis Church.

Hearts Garden

“Sacred Touch offers some of the most original and ancient recipes of essential oil blends.”

Sacred touch also offers many types of spiritual items including books by Glenda Green, Larry Jensen, an exclusive line of essential oil blends, all types of professionally created art reproductions on paper and canvas, life enriching webinars and courses available online, public presentations and live events. spiritual art, gifts, cd’s and more.

“We hope you will find joy, inspiration, and deep satisfaction with all our products and services.”

Spring Meadow

Our Future is a Commitment

It is our mission to bring greater wisdom, love, inspiration, beauty, quality, and wellbeing to our fellow travelers on this earth. All the products on this website are the result of love, talent, or inspiration. Or else that of other sources, which we respect and trust to provide the highest quality for our community.

About Glenda Green

Glenda was born into a family of gardeners, artists, farmers, builders, and spiritually devout people.
Glenda continues that tradition in her own way through the offerings she has put out to the public for over 30 years as an artist, aroma therapist, author, teacher, and minister.

There is a signatory quality throughout Glenda Green’s body of work, within a great variety, richness, and technical mastery of her many subjects. Perhaps the longevity of her career is due largely to the range and success of her many interests, breadth of intelligence, and personality. To check out Glenda’s art journey go to GlendaGreen.com

“She has been a true Renaissance woman, with accomplishments not only in art,
but also art history, science, philosophy, literature, spirituality, and theology.”

She does this in a contemporary language and reality to forward ancient wisdom into future generations. Read more about Glenda…

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