Commissioned Portraits

Its been 25 years since I accepted a portrait commission. I have agreed to do this one time only
to raise funds for our church.

There is nothing quite like original art created specially for you. Maybe you will be the subject of the painting or perhaps someone you love will be. Leave a legacy, an enduring memory, that will be passed down for generations…mostly because they love you. But also because the work of art is worth having and displaying with pride.

I was born with a talent of painting and also a gift of seeing people in the beauty of their souls. As a young professional this combination of abilities became my first major accomplishment. I soared to fame, with recommendations for portraits even from within New York’s Metropolitan Museum. This was world class success, with a painting acquired by the National Gallery before I was 30. But for reasons both personal and professional, I left this particular genre of painting to move on to other creative venues. It was not until Jeshua asked me to paint His portrait in 1991 that I accepted another commission. Now in support of his church I am accepting 10 more commissions for Christmas.

My portraits of the past were very labor-intensive and time-consuming oil on canvas productions that sold for as much as $60,000. Now, however, I have worked out a lovely combination of water-color air brush and pastel on fine art paper that makes for a much quicker execution and also a much more affordable price.

This new concept and medium will allow me to create a beautiful work of art for $1,500 in a large size that will make an exquisite statement on your wall. The image size will be 20″ x 28″ and it will be presented in a four inch double mat that will make the outer dimension 28″ x 36.” Framing will be your personal responsibility, but it will look wonderful matted as a Christmas present to be framed later.

There will be three portrait products in this offering.

The first is a personal portrait of you or someone you love.

The second option is a rendition of “The Lamb and the Lion.” This is a special creation that Jeshua consented for me to make in support of our fund raising for the church. In this medium it will be light and radiant with a soft glow around his face and figure. This portrayal of Jesus Christ is one of the most famous paintings ever made of this divine and holy person. Now you can have your very own interpretation of that painting. Because these are original works of art, no two will be exactly the same.

The third option is a portrait of a cherished animal companion. I know how much I have loved the portrait I created of Gunner, my beloved cat that walked the sacred path with me for 17 years. Sometimes these memories touch our heart more than anything else because of the unconditional love we have felt from them.

All commissions will be paid in advance and guaranteed for delivery before Christmas. The first commissioned will be the first painted, and when 10 commissions have been made the list is closed forever. I will call you immediately as soon as the commission has been reserved, and give you full details on what I will need to begin your portrait.

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