Culinary Essential Oils

These are pure essential oils that qualify (and pure enough) to be not only therapeutic grade, but also food grade.

The basic rule for ingesting any essential oil is that it first be pure steam distilled with no chemical additives. The second rule is that it comes from a plant that is suitable for human consumption (such as lemon, basil, or peppermint). And the third rule is that it be consumed in great moderation.

We caution only that essential oils are VERY POTENT. One drop of lemon essential oil could equal more than the whole rind and zest of a lemon. One drop of Basil could equal an entire Basil plant. Proceed with caution both for taste and the general rule that too much of even a good thing could produce an undesirable physical reaction.

The reason we think you will enjoy using some of our pure botanicals for culinary seasoning is that the flavor comes along with such therapeutic benefits, and there is almost no food you cannot be creative with. For example, one drop of peppermint in a green smoothie makes a much more refreshing drink and masks some of the bitter taste of greens. Adding basil, thyme, lemon, or oregano along with some chopped garlic to virgin olive oil makes a wonderful drizzle for warm bread or steamed veggies…and there is no waiting time for marination as with the fresh herbs. Lemon or grapefruit added to cream sauces cause no curdling as the acidic juice would do.

There are so many amazing ways to use these in addition to your steam baths, and massage oils. Be creative with nature.

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