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COME, discover, be refreshed, inspired, informed, and lifted above
 the crash-and-bang level of change.

Change is imminent. The only unresolved question is: How will you receive it, process it, incorporate it, and use it for creating a new and better life? Study in the convenience of your own home at times most convenient to you. All recordings may be downloaded to MP3 files, and all written texts may be printed for your permanent record.

Four Audio Lessons with Text Lessons for support.


Life is the essence of our being–
amazing, healing, joyous, refreshing, and nourishing.
Life is love in action, and life energy brings new possibilities
and expansion into every experience it touches.
Even if you did not take our Energy of Life webinar,
you are still an expert on living.
Without it you would have no presence in the world.

But, do you know how to have a BETTER LIFE?

The entirety of Jeshua’s presence in the world, then and now is to teach us how to have a better life.

In this webinar we will take the most precious jewels of teaching from Jeshua and introduce them into practical, everyday solutions for how to have a better life.

This Webinar addresses health, relationships, talents, purposes, relaxation, joy, finances, and creating new adventures that have the greatest reward and the least risk! How great is that? We flippantly, or casually, speak about quality of life as if it were a commodity such as a better home or car. Rarely do we focus on the love, life, and higher consciousness that really provide a quality of life. In this course we do!

This course follows sequentially upon The Energy of Life webinar. However, it is not necessary that they be studied in that order. Actually, this will be a perfect completion for those who did, and also a perfect beginning for those who want to know more later about the energy of life. I can’t say enough about how important the Energy of Life course is, and we will undoubtedly offer it again for that reason. However, you will benefit even more from it having first completed A Better Life.

This course is about how we bring more Life Energy into all of our daily affairs, managing that energy more effectively, with grace and stunning results. This course is direct, potent, and practical. Although there will be important guidelines and summaries written for you to keep and study, the information is directed toward real issues that we all face. It will be like a four-week personal coaching session with me, interactional and highly relevant. Even if you cannot be on the calls live, the information exchanged with others will be universally applicable for everyone in all of the typical life situations. Just listen to each recorded session and build your life management plan from a greater understanding.

The Webinar was originally offered live in the fall of 2011, although its potency is not diminished in archival form. In fact most students said they needed to listen and study repeatedly, and were glad to have all the archived material. it will be like gaining an Owner’s Manual to that which is most dear to you and most essential. You will be surprised how splendidly you will improve your life by just learning and applying the quick start guide!

Embedded in all the patterns of life is the ENERGY of life and the secret key that opens the floodgates to health, prosperity, and peace. When our life patterns become so reduced and fixed that we cannot change them, we lose energy. And yet, we stay with even non-productive unfulfilling patterns, which drain our life, because secretly, deep in our unconsciousness, we know that the very glue that holds our life together and generates energy for it comes from innate, cultivated, or learned patterns. We all hang on to patterns that give us comfort and predictability, and yet we are all growing old because of patterns that never change, and thus bring no new life.

We have lived in an “energy deployment” field for so long we all need help in readjusting to the higher supply of energy. This is the key to your bank account of fresh energy with which to renew and expand your life!

We have all known it must be somewhere, because in spite of the fact that the structural arrangements of our universe are conservatively fixed, it is also dynamically expanding! Actually, it’s everywhere, in patterned form, the most ancient form of energy ever created from the love of God. Life is patterned energy. It is unique in every configuration, like rare and precious snowflakes, and yet connected, pattern to pattern, with the whole of existence. It is all around us, in everything, free for the taking, and yet we are starving because we do not know how to take it. Instead we continue plugging into power sources, such as food, work, social influence, money, competition, and then exchanging it with others for the pay it will hopefully bring.

This course will give you simple, practical, yet utterly profound ways to connect with the Life Energy all around you. As Jeshua said to the woman at the well: “The water of this world will leave you thirsty for more, the water I give you will quench your thirst.” The water he offered was the Water of Life.

Those who are receiving the blessings on Sunday will gain exponentially in their blessings. Blessing Givers will gain a crucial next level of spiritual understanding of why the miracle of Christ Blessings are so powerful.

What would you pay for A Better Life? Well, the owner’s manual costs only $50 for four weeks of conference call recordings with written summaries and life-coaching plans.

You know the world is heading for a major change! One does not have to be a psychic or prophet to realize that. We FEEL it because the old patterns of energy are resulting mostly in exhaustion rather than results. We have consumed the limits of linear energetic flow and exchange, whether investments or exercise, and are beginning to fight over or plan stupidly for the remaining distribution.

It has been proven time and again that in climates of change are the greatest opportunities for A Better Life!


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