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Essential Oil carried in special beads that absorb and radiate the fragrance of the saturated oil.  This is offered two ways:  In kits with a 4 ounce jar of fragrant beads and 4 organza sacks, or in sample sacks that allow you to try for your favorite before purchasing a larger supply.  They are completely dry to touch and safe for all surfaces.  Use for all your personal delights.

Note from Glenda: I adore these. I carry them everywhere and don’t know which is my favorite yet.  I use Christ Scent when I offer blessings or messages from Christ. It just feels like he’s there. I have Rose on my night stand because it reminds me of Mary and the angels, and Peppermint on my desk for a stress buster. Even though I love our essential oils and wear them often, when I’m around people I want to respect their sensitivity to fragrance, even natural ones. These are wonderful for those times when I want my fragrance to be only for me. I’m in love with these lovely, colorful little bags of joy.



Aroma Beads that are fully saturated with pure essential oil yet DRY TO THE TOUCH  They can be enjoyed in the apothecary jar that comes with a full order kit, or be distributed into the organza draw-string bags that are included.  The beads come fully prepared.  In this saturated state they leave no residue of essential oil on the skin or any surface.  Great to carry in your pocket, purse, or have several varieties on your desk and night stand.

These are perfect for those who want to use pure essential oils but have skin sensitivities,  or for those who do not wish to influence the shared space of others with their fragrance.  The “throw” of scent is about two feet.  This is just right for under your pillow, on your desk top, or night stand.  It has just the right amount of intensity up close without disturbing anyone else.   What we really like about using scent this way is that we can caress our nose with fragrance, inhale deeply, put it down nearby, and just relax into the ambience.   Then, if we want to enjoy a different aroma a few minutes later, there is no conflict with residues already on the skin.

Because our pure essential oils have been introduced into a completely neutral medium the fumes inhaled have the same therapeutic value as if inhaled from a bottle of concentrated oil.  An interesting side note is that only pure essential oils have a small enough molecular size to completely absorb into these aroma beads.  Any commercial grade essential oils that have added carrier oils would stay oily, and if there was any alcohol in a blend it would deteriorate the beads.  So, these are a very special high quality offerings by Spiritis Publishing that you will not see on health-food store shelves.  Our only limitation is that some of our oils such as frankincense have wood-resin content, and that makes them a bit too sticky for the lovely dryness we need with the beads.  Therefore, not every fragrance we offer will be available in this medium, but we will be expanding the offering as demand arises.

Every full jar in the kit has about 1/6 oz of essential oil hand mixed with 4 ounces of aroma beads and crafted to achieve a lovely consistency with the beads.  The fragrance will last indefinitely if the jar is kept tightly closed.  Once distributed into one of the organza bags it will last about 2 months.  There is plenty for four bags and some to spare.  The beads can be revitalized two times before they become completely saturated.  Instructions on how you can do this yourself later will be enclosed with each complete kit.  The dyes used are water-based natural vegetable coloring.

Available Oils: Christ Scent, Abundance, Peppermint, Lemongrass and Sage, Rose, lavender, Lemon with a hint of Magnolia.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

Sample Bag, 4 oz Jar & Diffuser Kit

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Christ Scent, Abundance, Rose, Holy Ground, Lemon & Magnolia, Peppermint, Organic High Mountain Lavender, Lemongrass & Sage

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  1. Elaine (verified owner)

    I love these little treats to give to my family, my friends and to myself. The scents are amazing and long lasting. The little bags are convenient to use anywhere. Just tie the little bag string snug and put them in your drawer, under your pillow, on your desk, or in your car; really just about anywhere you want to enjoy the essential oil of your choice throughout the day. Thank you Glenda for this wonderful product!

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