Cactus Rose Pure essential oil


What blossoms exquisitely in the barrenness of parched sand?
What gives hope to life in the hardship of living? Flowers of the desert!!
We are all emerging from great hardship, and its time to celebrate our strength and beauty in victory.
I couldn’t think of a plant and flower that expressed this energy better.
this Pure essential oil is composed just of that flower and a portion of sage to create an environment in which it thrives. Plus there are few thinks that are fresher than the stimulating aroma after a sweet summer rain.


It doesn’t smell like roses in our garden.  But interestingly, the roses we know and love are members of the cactus family.  If you have ever been pricked by one of their thorns, you will find that easy to believe.  All roses thrive in the desert, and develop their brightest fragrance there.  It seems to be one of those beautiful paradoxes of life.  This aroma is fresh and clean as you might expect from any water bearing succulent.  The flowers are lively and bright in fragrance with a subtle hint of citrus.  Almost impossible to describe in words, but the message is “I’m alive, bright, and strong.  By faith I endure and thrive.” I think that’s a message we all need to inhale and radiate today.

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