Christ Blessing Live Seminar


August 27-28, 2022 

Irving, Texas


You will book your room separately and directly with the Westin Hotel


Let your soul be lighted and filled with joy in this amazing opportunity!

Come and feel yourself on this glorious wave of light…

You are invited. Your presence is requested.

Scholarships will be awarded

on the basis of one for every ten paid enrollments, but not granted until we have reached 30 enrollments, three immediately and then forward.

Donations for scholarships are accepted


Explode the Limits

Christ Blessing Seminar 2022 will be our Greatest Blessing Seminar ever!

Learn MORE of everything, PLUS  NEW  INFORMATION that was never possible before.  If you always wanted to be a  Christ Blessing Giver


Together we will bless a world so in need of it.

August 27-28



During the seminar you will be staying at the elegant and comfortable Westin Hotel 

located at 4545 West John Carpenter Freeway, Irving Texas  

You will make your reservations separately from your tuition.

We have negotiated an amazing room rate with the hotel for $109 per night double occupancy (that is $54.50 per person if shared). This is a deep bargain rate split between friends or shared with spouses for such a luxury hotel. These luxury rooms are regularly $224.  We will also be happy to help with roommates, two queen beds per room.

The hotel front desk number is (972) 929-4500.  Their website is here.

To obtain your discount rate please tell them you are with the Spiritis Church conference.  Or if booking online use this enrollment link to automatically receive your discount: Book your group rate for Spiritus Church Conference August 2022

The expiration date for this room rate has BEEN EXTENDED: Now August 12, 2022

We will send all other relevant information with your enrollment. If you will be flying in, we encourage you to do so without delay to get the best rates.  You will be flying into the DFW International Airport.  Since it is a major international airport, many direct flights will be available.

Your hotel has a full service fine restaurant, cozy lounges for meet-ups and mixing after seminar sessions.  Westin beds are famous for being cloud soft on top with a firm foundation.  Westin offers shuttle service anywhere you would like to go within a five mile radius.  That pretty much covers the most desirable area for restaurants, shopping and entertainment.  But I feel your greatest entertainment will be with each other!

This seminar is for those who are ready to make a Sacred Connection unconditionally for others in a state of personal surrender without limiting or fearful beliefs. The revelations are incomparable. The teamwork is magnificent. Your religious background is not a point of requirement, as this work is ecumenical, and we honor beliefs and ordinations of all religious, spiritual, and healing practices.

This seminar does not require any kind of advanced certification in spiritual or healing techniques, even though there has never before been such a complete integration of how we connect with Heaven, Earth, and all points of Spirit. Offering Christ’s blessing only requires the knowledge we give you, a sincere heart, and a dedicated spirit.

The work you will be prepared for is between you, God, and those you serve. You will not be required, in any way, to make public presentations or address groups unless that is your personal desire for service. After completing this training most people choose to offer blessings in the privacy of their own homes, although we frequently coordinate as a world-wide blessing team.

This seminar will be a monumental journey of spiritual discovery and revelation for you. All who come will be blessed beyond their dreams. Those who have always wanted to help heal the earth will finally find a way. Those who are already healers will become greatly accelerated in their ability.

You will learn Jeshua’s most advanced knowledge and instruction. The apostle Matthew tells us that the disciples asked Him, “Why do you speak to them in parables? He answered and said to them, ‘Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given.'” (Mat 13:10-11)

His precious revelations are again shared with those who have a calling. This is not just to render service to a rapidly changing world, but more importantly that you may BECOME the transformation you wish to see in the world. Lives are changed and fulfilled in these seminars.

In all of my work with Jeshua-whether painting his portraits or conveying his words-nothing has had a more transforming, maturing, and fulfilling transformation on my life than conveying his Blessings to others. I hope you will choose to have this experience yourself.

Both days of the seminar we will include a luncheon banquet and coffee breaks as part of your tuition for ease of dining, and returning to class.  There will be a breadth of entrée selections to meet most dietary requirements.  Breakfasts and Dinners can be available through in-house facilities or any number of restaurants nearby.

Among other amenities, the hotel has an on-site restaurant where you may take your breakfast and evening meals.  Just for refreshing and unwinding, there is a lovely swimming pool and exercise room.  The concierge will help you find whatever you are interested in.


Westin Hotel located at 4545 West John Carpenter Freeway, Irving Texas

You will make your room reservations directly with the hotel.  In order to insure you have the full group discount for our seminar please let them know you are with Spiritis Church, or use this link to activate your discount online Book your group rate for Spiritus Church Conference August 2022

We have negotiated an amazing room rate with the hotel for $109 per night double occupancy (if shared, that would be $54.50 per person), with two queen beds.  These rooms normally are $224.  So be sure to ask for your discount or use the link provided

The hotel front desk number is (972) 929-4500

You will fly into DFW International Airport.  Since this is a major airport most of you will have a direct flight.

Your hotel has a FREE shuttle service to the hotel, and back to the airport.

We would recommend your arrival day be August 26th.  However the seminar is August 27-28.  Registration will be between 9 AM and 10 AM Saturday August 27th.  Therefore, those of you who are nearby for a drive in could arrive in the morning.

The seminar will begin at 10 AM August 27th, with sessions that day until 6 PM.  Sunday sessions will begin at 10 AM and complete at 5 PM for presentation and final instruction.  Those who have immediate pressure for airline reservations may leave at that point.  However, those remaining will be invited to conduct our world-wide blessing by teleconference at 5 PM. 

Lunch and coffee breaks each day are included in your tuition.  Other meals are available on premises, and the hotel restaurant is both good and reasonable.  There’s always the option for bringing your own natural goodies.

For any and all questions please call 888-453-6324.  We will do whatever is possible to help you. This includes assistance with finding roommates, packing for the season, or direct connection with a Blessing Giver for personal questions.  We will keep enrolled students posted as to weather and any other essentials to know.  Naturally, we cannot help you with roommates until we have some accumulation of enrollments, with others looking for the same thing.  But we will definitely help, and always do.

Make an exceptional difference in the world! One of the greatest contributions you can give is that of your heart and life to convey Jeshua’s blessings to the world.

Reunion for Graduate Blessing Givers and Spiritis Ministers:

Testimonials from Graduates:

I want to thank Jeshua, Glenda, Larry, and everyone else for allowing me to progressively live up to my full potential as a conduit for positive change!!!  When I first came back from the Master Blessing Seminar, I had so much Energy that I couldn’t give it away to those I knew that could use it, fast enough.  There has been an ensuing learning process involving learning to Ground, which Glenda and my Energy Healer helped me with, and to more-and-more release any proprietary agenda during the energy conveyance; so that, Jeshua commands the energy conveyance process and it is more effective.  I’m learning now that he is directing this energy flow to be accessible to at least one person that I frequently give the Blessing to without any mediation on my part whatsoever.  This is better for her; as, she then is becoming better able to access Jeshua’s Energy directly, and without mediation, when she is “in the trenches”.  I am deeply indebted to each of you for the Grace and Nurturing given and being given in doing this!!!  I recognize I am one of many very gifted Blessing Givers that you have trained and have begun to coordinate with some of them, particularly, to help with the current situation in Japan and situations in the Middle East — and assist in the Sunday Blessings at times.

On a personal level, I have gotten much more than, currently, I am able to convey.  Having been a mathematician, an electrical engineer, and a school teacher,  I was, years ago, dominated by things of the mind.  Now, my temperament has become far more balanced and my Heart rules.  There is an ongoing integration of literary skills, foreign-language skills, and social skills with the quantitative with a centering in Love.  Most importantly,  I am learning compassion while maintaining personal equilibrium in the midst of much chaos.  I have also gained many cherished friends, real friends, among those on the Blessing calls on Sunday and among the blessing Givers  Having experienced “mental” illness (not!) and , so they said, advanced prostate cancer, I am no longer concerned with personal mortality issues, and never felt healthier, smarter, or more alive in my whole life!!!

Please, if you consider yourself ready for this responsibility, become one of Jeshua’s Blessing Givers!!!

Love and Light,

Denis Purcell


As a psychotherapist of 35 years, an intuitive channel and Spiritis minister who took the Master Blessings Course, I share with you my thoughts on the training:

Glenda’s energy was purely uplifting. The instruction she shared over the weekend workshop was rich in content and full of wisdom.  An interesting phenomenon was that I found the information moving into my heart as well as my mind. I often had the thought that Jeshua was speaking through her to us. The loving energy I experienced during the blessings surrounded by a hundred heart-centered healers was profoundly healing.

Returning home, I feel moved to share the Blessing with others and most importantly to affect change on a world level. The Blessing protocol is so finely detailed in all aspects of what I know in my own work to be thoroughly releasing, healing, and transformational.  It is a personal gift I can easily give to others or to the world at any time.  I can also join with Glenda Green in her weekly blessings as well. A weekend retreat of such profoundly loving energy, surrounded by loving souls in a beautiful spot in the world was indeed “heaven on earth”.

Sharon Massoth, LCSW

Spiritis Minister


I want to tell you about my experience with the Blessing today.  As I sat to receive, I prayed to be released from a feeling of “impending doom” I sometimes wake up with.  I prayed to be the log on the stream.  I prayed to release all resistance.  I prayed to be all that I can be.  I felt the conveyance very strongly in my solar plexus. Then I felt my hair being moved, literally being moved!  I thought, “that can’t be” and as if to say “yes it is”, I smelled the wonderful Christ scent, which I had not used today.  It smelled as if it had been heated.  I began to smile as I knew Jeshua was very present and letting me know he was with me.  As I experienced this, my two children (Ben 8 and Lily 6 and our Beagle Lucky) came bounding into the room!  I feel like they came to see our Dear Jeshua.  As I assimilated I was dancing in the sacred heart, dancing in an English garden with birds and fox and Jeshua!  So much joy!



I have had a hard time understanding how to just “BE LOVE. ”  I think it’s almost beyond words, or the mind, or mental abilities to get it.  To me it was more like a gift or an experience of special grace.  The blessings have given me that direct experience!  When it happened, it felt like stepping into another consciousness of joy and freedom not even wanting to judge anything or anybody, just to help where ever. It seems like the whole world is sliding into a different reality just by the fact of ones awakening to “BEING LOVE”.  Oh my God . . .and so much more . . .I have a feeling because of all this love and “being love” we’re going into–or even creating–a really breathtakingly beautiful, bright, warm and unbelievably joyful future. I am so grateful for the endless inspiration from the blessings and all of your work, which helps me to grow and evolve. Thank you so much!

LOVE, Ingrid


I just wanted to share some feelings regarding the Blessings, which I am deeply grateful for. I will start by saying that the gratitude, in and of itself feels like an elixir and I have found a new excitement for life as a result of these events, and as a result of my looking forward to them and wanting to share them. The first Blessing for me seemed to help heal a psychic/spiritual wound that had to do with Jesus being somewhat unapproachable by me because of true guilt that Jesus died for my sins. Instead, there was the beholding of my brother Jeshua who lives and has always lived to help us all to heal the illusion of separateness.  This was transformative. This was True Blessing. This was raw emotion.  In the second Blessing, I was so grateful and just wanted to behold Him again and Bless Him back, which led me to a deeper desire to be of more service to others. My own needs seem to be okay now. I know that I already have everything that I need. The third Blessing, yesterday, was much, much more physical. About a half an hour after the Blessing I got so dizzy I thought I might pass out or faint, which has never happened to me before. My body tingled, and the dizziness lasted a very long time. What helped me the most at first was lying on the Earth, on my back. It seemed to help to ground and anchor the energy. Being on the Earth was really important. It helped my body to both release, and accept, where needed. After this process I needed to physically move, again out on the Earth. I took my dogs for a long walk and then needed to eat a good meal rather than fasting, which is usually my first choice.  I am so grateful and I pray to “Pay it forward”.

Much, much love to you, Mary Smyth


You are right when you say the blessings unfold.  The energy, peace and joy are increasing in everyday life.  Yesterday I did 6 massages.  I’ve never done that many in a day before.  The first 3 were back to back and then a 35 minute lunch and then another 3 back to back.  I am recuperating today.  This blessing was wonderful.  The integration lasted 10 minutes. Things just keep getting better.  After the first blessing, the situation at work totally cleared up.  I had been struggling with it for over two years and I was ready to quit.  After the second blessing, things felt chaotic like something big was supposed to happen.  Well, it did.  Two classes I had wanted to take for five years came to my town and it has totally changed the way I give my massages. That was last week.  I took two classes in one week when I hadn’t taken any in two years.  It’s all so amazing…



Thanks so much, Glenda, for all you do. I was blown away by the experience and find words hard to explain the experience.  I saw an image of light that I experienced as Jeshua.  I feel  so much more connected to that energy of life and love.  Words can’t even describe the gratitude I feel for the experience.  And I LOVE your essential oils too—use them all the time !!

Yesterday I did the blessing at my computer and my son was sitting the same room by his computer.  I didn’t mention what I was doing as I was on my work phone and he thought I was at a meeting.  But after the blessing and doing the seven minutes afterwards outside, I came back into the room and he said to me …”My legs feel all comfy.”  I thought it was so amazingly cute!!   Becky Lyon


Thank you so much for heeding the call of your soul and being the conduit of Jeshua’s work on this earth. I feel so blessed and fortunate to have encountered your work. I cannot tell you how much my life has transformed since I started receiving the blessings in November of last year, and how much more it has transformed since I started giving the blessings. The last week or so has been met with great insights and realizations. I also have felt the urge to convey the blessings more often and twice I have been called to convey them at 4 am.

The seminar was incredible. I was worried about my expectations and what would happen afterward. I had done other seminars in the past that left me euphoric and somewhat militant. I was worried that I was going to experience something similar and would become someone who shoves Jesus down people’s throat. A friend of mine told me that Jeshua would not ask that of me and that was never His intention.

I felt nothing but peace and connection to Jeshua I didn’t know I could feel. The seminar was very laid back and I felt so comfortable. Everyone was like a brother and sister. I developed friendships with the other participants. Glenda is a sweetheart. But the biggest highlight of the conference was Jeshua’s presence. It was so distinct and peaceful.

Now the biggest joy for me is being able to convey His love to the world. The path keeps opening up for me and my relationship with Jeshua has strengthened beyond my wildest imagination. I can truly feel His love pouring through me during the conveyances. It has been incredible. I highly encourage those who are on the fence, to take a leap of faith. Be with Jeshua in your prayers and ask Him to show you the path. I know that phone call was the answer I had been waiting for. Sometimes His love works in mysterious ways.

I really get this will be a major part of my work on this planet. I don’t know what it will look like, but I see things taking shape. In fact, I just conveyed my first public blessing this weekend. I got great feedback and one person even told me that she saw Jeshua come to her. Another said that I’m the Gatekeeper. Not sure what that means and she didn’t want to elaborate on it, but I found it interesting that someone would see that out of the blessing. To me it was just confirmation that I’m on the right path. Is it possible to become a blessing addict? My blessing experience has also become very intense.  I have also noticed a new level of intuition and trust that I had not been present to before. I’m learning to listen to my heart with confidence and love. I could write many pages of the amazing realizations I have been having. I decided to keep a journal since I noticed how easy it is for me to go through these changes, just to forget them and then think my life hasn’t changed at all.  I’m looking forward to continuing this work however way it manifests.

I hope more people come play with us and help us expand our circle of blessing givers so that more people can experience Jeshua’s love.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jackie VanCampen



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