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Introducing a new star in our product line: Steam distilled coconut Oil from fresh raw coconut.  Until recently this has not been at all affordable on the open public market.

We really feel you will enjoy this new application for our essential oils.  We have found that everyone who has tried this is amazed with how silky their skin feels and how much coverage is possible for a small amount of essential oil.

We have it available in two sizes:
8 ounces and 16 ounces


We call these beautiful aromas “Essence of Life” because they are essential, alive, beautiful, and nourishing to the skin.

I’m so happy to announce a wonderful new product.  I notice by now that many of you have tried our wonderful steam-distilled coconut oil.  It’s the ONLY carrier oil I would use with essential oils.  That’s because its the same molecular size as essential oils, so they blend perfectly.  But what’s more important is that a heavy oil does not block absorption of a light pure essential oil.

But that’s just background to the NEWS!  Recently I started adding my favorite essential oils that I just wear for beauty and refreshment to this lovely light coconut oil.  And I discovered something WONDERFUL.  The essential oil fragrance would last so much longer–up to 24 hours or till I showered next!

Discovering this got my creative wheels turning!  Then I remembered that our distillery had told me steam distilled oil is so light it can work disperse through a spray nozzle.   Wow!  Something special was about to happen.

I put my favorite new favorite blend into 4 ounces of our steam distilled coconut oil and poured it into a sweet little bottle with a spray cap.  I was so surprised with the results.  They were WONDERFUL.  The spray was light, and just enough for smoothing over one arm and hand.  Just silky and not oily.   Then I sprayed my other arm and my neck.  I smelled like a garden all day.  No worries about getting too much or too little.   I got so many compliments because everyone around me loved it too.

That brings up the main problem with commercial perfume.  The manufacturers use strong criminals to “fix” and project the aroma. They use partly essential oil, and also partly synthetic fragrance to get that strong projection.  But this is offensive to many people, and even causes allergic reactions to some.  For all or those reasons and more, I stopped using those years ago.

After I developed mastery with essential oil, I tried making essential oil perfumes.  After all, essential oil was originally the basis for all of the famous perfumes.  It’s just that they also used the fixatives and chemicals, which required an alcohol base.  What I made smelled great, but it just didn’t last very long.

Now with our steam distilled coconut oil the answer is here.  ITS SO EASY, And WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  The coconut oil accelerates absorption and locks in a protective shield for the fragrance that is kind of like a fixative, but all natural and good for our skin.

WE HAVE IT AVAILABLE NOW.   We are starting with 2 fragrances and see how it grows from there.

“Heavenly#1” for women is fragranced with 1/6 oz of “Garden Delight”

“Heavenly#2” for women is fragranced with 1/6 oz of “Angel Wings”

“Hero” for men

“Hero#1” for men is fragranced with 1/6 oz of “Sandalwood, Bergamot, and Vanilla” Very mellow and peaceful.

“Hero 2” for men is fragranced with 1/6 oz of “Abundance”

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 7.5 in

Heavenly 1, Heavenly 2, Hero 1, Hero 2


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