Health to Body and Soul


Our most amazing gift package for health and wholeness,  Just right in size, and exquisite in aroma. With the best price ever on these wonderful blends.



This set of three beautiful essential oil blends was specially assembled to help us all recover from the stress of 2020 and to enhance your immunity for further protection.  Part of the secret is to have body, heart, and soul working together for the restoration of wholeness.  You can use can use any or all of these these for amazing blends for strengthening immunity and bring greater harmony within your life.  And they are among our most beautiful blends, so they are perfect for celebrating the holidays.

Each set Includes 1 each of the following oils in a 1/6 ounce size: Sacred Heart, Pure Blue Healing, and Medieval Miracle.  To find out particulars on each blend, you may check their individual pages in our store.  This set is sweetly gift boxed.  Just ready for your own bow and selections almost anyone would love.  Perfect for any season of giving.

These essential oils are all steam distilled with never any chemical processing or additives.  Also, to ensure their highest effectiveness and long shelf life there are also no vegetable or seed carrier oils.  You may wish to add them to lotions and carrier oils, and we suggest that you do.  But that should be your choice or how much and when, as you preserve the pure essence for extended use.  (please keep them no warmer than room temperature and out of direct sunlight, also tightly closed. )

May  they  bless and enhance your spiritual practices, and abundantly enrich your life.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 1 in
Bottle Size

1/6oz set of 6, Sample Set


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