Love Without End Semester 1…The NEW Webinar for deeper study


If your life has been touched by “Love Without End, Jesus Speaks” this is one of the most important webinars you will ever take. 

The new Study Guide to Love Without End was released a few months ago, and now Glenda will take you through IT and the ORIGINAL BOOK personally, weaving them together for your own greater wisdom.  This is the one and only time she will ever provide this complete study of both books, making herself available online to you for questions and interpretations of the immortal words spoken by Jesus (Jeshua) to her in 1992.

These are the conversations and teachings that some people have called the new bible for the 21st century.  If you are like most readers you will have found that His words are so alive they continue to grow with your own personal development, and seem as if they were newly written every time you read them.  Why not accelerate your understanding and dive into the deepest revelations that are now possible for you.   (read all the details below)

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This monument of teaching will be presented as a webinar SERIES, comprising 15 lessons, divided into 4 semesters of 4 lessons, with the last semester consisting of 3 sessions ending the week before Easter.  From beginning to end, this series will take us through the entire Holy Season of 2015-2016.   The lessons will correspond exactly to the sequence of chapters in “Love Without End.”  You may enroll in each semester as it becomes available or only the semesters that most interest your personal quest for expanded clarity and wisdom.

We are moving into a season of high activities, holidays, and social involvement.  So, we will take all the appropriate seasonal breaks.   The first semester will begin on November 1st and end the week before Thanksgiving.   We will not resume until after Christmas.  Here are the dates.  What a great way to reach the highest meaning of the celebrations coming upon us.

Semester 1 is now available in Digital Form

You will need to own both “Love Without End, Jesus Speaks” and the “Study Guide to Love Without End.”  If you do not have a copy you can purchase them here on our website.  Here is an easy link to our book section.

Our normal webinar fee for a four-week course is $75, but we have lowered the tuition on this semester to $60 to show our appreciation for what have already spent or will need to spend for the “Study Guide for Love Without End.”

Enrollments are open now, and there will be a high demand for this course.  So DO NOT WAIT.  Also, there is not a lot of time left before we begin.  Timing is of the essence to get us through the first semester before Thanksgiving.  Especially, if you need to purchase the Study Guide, do not delay.  We have them in stock now, and will ship as soon as we receive your order.  Also, for those enrolling in the webinar, Glenda will inscribe your book.

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