Rejuvenating Your Life Through the Light of Your Soul


Our soul is ageless and timeless.

Only, as we fuse our bodies, our lives, and our ventures into life with the soul’s light can we stay young, healthy, and vital.  There are many ways to do this, but most of them have been blocked by our denial of the soul’s presence within our physical, emotional, and material existence.  We have been taught that our soul is somehow external to life, to which we will be rejoined in eternity.  The Soul is here, NOW.  In fact, the soul is ALL THAT IS.  This webinar will bring you to a firm realization of that and break the illusion that there is anything else.

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Have you ever met an eighty year old person who was younger in spirit than a twenty-something person?

Well, that’s because the real age of a person flows on a completely different time track than the body’s physical years.  This has been demonstrated by many different scientific and medical tests, directly comparing psychological and biological age patterns.  While science does not attribute these variations to influences of the soul, it does admit that emotional health, positive attitudes, creative involvement with life, and lower stress levels do have a profound effect on our true age.

The most wonderful thing to realize is that we can affect our real age through our soul’s light, which then affects our physical age and health.  It’s all a great and marvelous “download” from higher consciousness, the very energy of life.  This is very easy to demonstrate.  Just look in the mirror on an occasion when you are happy.  Then look in the mirror on a sad or stressful day.  The difference is not subtle.  It’s remarkable.  Now think about having that happy version of your appearance most of the time without needing to have unusually happy events.  How would this affect your health, your appetite for life, your relationships, your profession, and all the prospects for a more successful future?  Naturally, your appearance does not cause these amazing changes.  It’s just one of many indications that the soul’s light has taken up residence in your body, your heart, and your life.

The Soul is our fountain of youth.  It’s our fountain of creative drive and passion for life.

Now you may be thinking, if our Souls are the fountain of life then why do we have all these problems and stresses of physical existence?  There is an answer, and what you discover in this webinar will change your life forever.

This webinar was originally conducted through conference calls and online lesson study.  Now all lessons are available for playback and permanent download to your computer.


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