Special 2018 Seminar Package


We are now announcing our four Webinars for 2018

And we are repeating something we did very successfully in 2017

We are making a subscription available at a significant discount for students who commit to a year of

Study and Spiritual Transformation


There will be one webinar each season, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Please read below to learn more about each webinar for 2018



There has never been a program like this designed to take you through the most important questions we ask spiritually and pragmatically for our growth and enlightenment in this schoolhouse called Earth.

Our 4-week webinars are regularly $75 each

With a year’s subscription

You receive four webinars for $225.  …That’s one webinar FREE.


and subscription students have more access to each other on a special blog-site for continuing relationships, comments and questions, sharing and expressing.

Conference calls on Sunday at 6:00 PM ET; 5:00 CT; 4:00 MT; 3:00 PT

Every call is recorded for future playback and all lessons downloadable to your computer for a permanent study reference.  

So it does not matter if you cannot be on every call live.

February, May, July, and October 

Exact dates will be set as we approach each course. 

Here are the course titles:

Enrolling NOW:  “Thy Will be Done”

The date has been set:  February 11-March 4

This year will be focused on our connection with God.  Much of it will be an extensive study and personal development of the key elements of The Lord’s Prayer.

Webinar 1: “Thy Will be Done”  How can we ever know the will of God?
Its really not that hard once we face the rock-solid reality and eternal love that it IS.  There are many guidelines given in the Bible, and Jeshua teaches us how to find and confirm God’s will in our hearts.  Of course, the hardest part often is to accept it.  Therein lies the power of Grace.  This webinar will transform your life because it will put it on the main track where what you seek and hope for is less resisted by life.
Webinar 2: “Our Daily Bread” So many of us are concerned with prosperity, or just the opposite, with debt.  And both subjects were covered in our Lord’s Prayer.  All of life is a flow completely adequate for our every need.  However, when chains of energy are broken or congested with resistance, doubt, or fear, we lose fluidity.  There is no accident that a key “word” from medicine to Wall Street is FLUIDITY.  When that is impaired or lost, exchange stops, communication stops, and eventually life will stop.  Find out what is slowing down fluidity in your life.  What will surprise you is that it may have nothing to do with money.  Yet, when fluidity is restored, so is your financial flow regenerated.
Webinar 3: “The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Do Anything.”  The terms “right” and “wrong” would be more aptly applied to management of life rather than judgments about it.  Life is inherently good.  When it is directed toward good results we have great enjoyment of it.  There was a small but pivotal mistranslation of one phrase in our Lord’s Prayer that turned it into fear of life rather than management of it.  Join this webinar and find out what that was.
Webinar 4: “Living Inside the Miracle” We have a tendency to objectify our ideals and desires, setting them on a pinnacle outside ourselves.  While at the same time we focus on our frustrations and challenges to interiorize them.  Can you imagine the difference if we just changed that equation to externalizing the challenges and internalizing the ideals.  Miracles would happen, because you would be LIVING INSIDE THEM
Each of these webinars will be presented in detail as it comes time to open enrolments. 


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