The Keys of Jeshua (eBook)


The Keys of Jeshua eBook


“The Keys of Jeshua” is available in ebook format.

There are keys that open doors to astounding perceptions and higher states of being. These keys have now been revealed.

The Keys of Jeshua is not about religion. Nor was it written to solicit, reinforce, or change existing beliefs. These teachings are a gift to your heart for the fulfillment of your life.

Discover the courage to be fully conscious. Unlock your creativity.

Fulfill the desires of your heart. Learn how to enter the Sacred Heart and know your soul’s true purpose. Learn to release, forgive, and receive the ultimate blessing of true freedom. Gain enlightenment and practical techniques to bring this new understanding into reality. Find peace within yourself.

Quotes from Readers:

I can highly recommend both of Glenda Green’s books. Her dialogues with Jeshua are powerful and enlightening. They are intelligent, educated communications between a perceptive channel and a highly spiritual being. While “The Keys of Jeshua” contains many biblical references, this is not the Jesus of evangelical Christians. This is the Jeshua of new spirituality, giving us an empowering message of love and joy. This book was published well before the much-hyped “The Secret” but you will find many of the same truths in Glenda’s communications with the Master (and in a much less simplistic form). Jeshua talks about how we are creating our own destiny. He also talks about love – how the energy that runs through everything is pure, divine love, and it is available to all of us at any time. He explains complicated matters of science and creation, and provides sage advice for how to understand the world, learn to navigate in the river of life, and embark on a path of enlightenment. Also, I love Glenda’s paintings of Jesus. She makes him look strong and charismatic, which of course he must have been when he walked the earth. ~ Marianne F. Stein


Throughout my life I’ve had trouble coming to terms with the various interpretations of the Bible. I questioned who was right. I wondered what it would be like to talk to someone who could answer all my questions. Someone I trusted, to explain it in everyday language I could understand, to guide me in understanding and integrating his teaching into my life. The Keys of Jeshua is a profound answer to my prayers. Now I know how to sustain the joys of life, to deal with the setbacks and sorrows, to find peace, to find true success, how to pray and how to love, all in his own words. And most of all, I can now accept his love and embrace myself as the beloved. ~ Stephen L. Eaton


I can’t decide which one of Glenda Green’s books I liked best. Either way, both are my favorite books. I loved the story that Glenda relayed of Jesus telling about the oyster and the pearl. I had an encounter with Jesus this past January and that is exactly the message I received. I love her prayers and meditations and at times felt as if Jesus were right beside me as I read. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and will be giving this as well as Love Without End as gifts. Thank you, Glenda, for two beautiful and inspiring books. ~ Mary Jackson


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