The Lamb and The Lion Giclee (hand retouched)


The Lamb and The Lion Giclee

This is the truest replication possible of the most famous painting of Christ in modern times.  Known and beloved around the world by people in all Christian denominations and many people who don’t claim to be Christian at all.  People of great faith and people who love great art have cherished this painting as a continual font of inspiration.  The original painting is 48″ x 48″ and is now available in these sizes of giclee replication.

Sizes: 20″ x 20″ on canvas stretched.  Why hand-retouched, see description below.


Hand Retouched 20 x 20 unframed canvas giclee.

This is a standard and beautiful hand printed giclee that received a few touches of ink in places it did not belong when it was going through the process.  The artist has hand retouched these places to look perfect with the giclee.  You would never notice any kind of repair because the canvas is perfect and the print is flawless.  If you put it in a side glancing light you might see that our custom varnish has a little different reflectance than the overall finish of the glclee.

It may interest you to know that in many galleries extra charges are made for any hand-retouching by the artist.  But we wanted to be in full disclosure about these little embellishments and pass some savings along to you.  This will only be a Black Friday/Cyber Monday special.  When they are gone, that’s it.

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20"x 20" Giclee on on Canvas hand retouched


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