The Lamb and the Lion, Special design with frame.


This is a special design of the original rendition of the famous painting of Christ, “The Lamb and the Lion” by world-class portraitist, Glenda Green.

The original painting is 48 inches square, and framed is 60 inches square.  It is a most exquisite and overpowering work of art that now hangs in a chapel in Fort Worth, Texas.

Print and giclees of all sizes have been made through the years of this exact dimension of the painting.  They are still available on our website.  However, one problem with this dimension is that square prints and giclees must be custom framed, and that can cost more than the picture. Although there have been many requests to readjust the proportions, none of the previous methods could have worked.  Cropping the picture on the sides would have cut important elements from the painting.  Simply transforming the proportions without cropping would have cause distortions in all parts of the painting.

There were no easy answers, except some recent advancements of Photoshop and the artist’s ability allowed for this startling creation.  Every element of the painting has been preserved, while maintaining the exact and perfect proportion of Jeshua’s face and form. What we have created is a 20 x 24 inch giclee, redesigned from the original painting.  Just for Christmas we offer it framed and at a price that you could not begin to obtain with a 20 x 20 giclee that you had to custom frame.

The frame is 4.5 inches wide and is an exquisite complement to the giclee and will go beautifully with wood furnishing or other gold frames.  The quality and detail exceed what is available in most custom frames for many hundreds of dollars.








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