The Only Way Out is Up!

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Four Audio Lessons, Four Text Lessons.  Lessons are all posted online for immediate access and downloadable for permanent access.

Reaching for the light:  How did we fall into our states of conflict or simply contradiction? How do we get ourselves into it?  What is the way out?  Look at that picture I chose for your class image.  There are tree limbs going in every possible direction.  Some are crossed, overlapping, or just chaotically unaligned.  Some are parallel and orderly.  But there is one thing they all have in common.  They are reaching toward the light.  That is where they find growth, harmony, and freedom of movement.

Elevation of perspective creates durable success. We have all had (or witnessed) temporary successes that failed, fell short, or actually reversed.  It’s exhausting to have hopes, and then make plans and efforts that don’t count for anything.  What causes stress and unhappiness is constant change without positive results.  We have all seen too much of that in our business and political world in these last few years.  It’s now at a pitched fervor of disagreeable moods and chaos.  We have to look above this level of conflict.

Inside the world where is “UP”?   Sometimes we concede or agree with the ideals of others.  But it’s never gratifying unless it’s what we really want.  “UP” is a place where we can find alignment and harmony that is MUTUAL.  Then there is hope and stress begins to melt away.  This is true even with our bodies.  They get tired of broccoli, beans, and salad and want something luscious.  But most of that is junk, so we feel a conflict.  Do we fight the urge?  Or try to find a beneficial resolution?  Once we decide that UP is where we want to go, many good options suddenly appear, perhaps a piece of ripe fruit that is sweet as candy.  My parents told me that my first word in life was UP.  My mother rather surmised at first that I was either asking to be picked up, or needed her to get up and take care of my infant needs.  But some months later when I was crawling, I heard mom and dad arguing.  I crawled into the kitchen where they were and said to both of them: UP.  That was my first moment of spiritual teaching.  It has been my mantra for life ever sense.

Destiny—what is it?   Is destiny a time-line with a predetermined goal?  Or, is Destiny some potential within you that has matched a similar potential within the universe?  Learn how free will and spontaneity can activate destiny far more powerfully than plotting a course with planning and belief.  We do have a destiny.  Find out how to discover yours.

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  1. aj

    This is a wonderful seminar. The practical application of awareness of your true feelings leads you gracefully through transformation. The lectures, as usual, are superb!! Thank you, Glenda for delivering a course that is so timely, relevant, and helpful.

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