Two weekly blessings and inspiration for YOU



Receive two weekly blessings with audio prayer and inspirational message

with your name on our list for special blessings.

Every Tuesday and Thursday for 12 months (52 weeks), 104 Blessings for all of 2017 but starting December 15 this year.


If you love our Christ Blessings, if you would like to have a special personal prayer and blessing every Tuesday and Thursday for a year THIS SUBSCRIPTION IS FOR YOU.  You will be sent an email every Tuesday and Thursday morning with an audio message and prayer and a written inspiration to activate the Christ Blessing that has been given for you.  This will begin Thursday, December 15th, in time to cover the holy season and New Year Celebration and on through all of 2017.  You may subscribe any time, but to receive the greatest benefit for transitioning into the new year, we would suggest you enroll now.

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