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Love is in the air.  We HAVE A NEW YEAR and a new hope for life. 
The hardships and challenges of 2020 brought us into more compassion for each other even though many of our connections were inhibited or cut. 
Much was lost and much was gained.
It was a year of exponential change.  Now let us move those changes into our heart. 
We are approaching a lovely occasion for sharing and honoring love on Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes its hard to know how love will be received, but one universal message that is relevant to anyone is the great teaching of Christ.  Love is Who you Are. 
Also, I have recently come into a source of two amazing aromas of Rose essential oil.  So often we offer roses to our loved ones as a token of our affection and respect.  Why not offer the essence of ROSE instead of a bouquet that will wilt and die?  We are now offering these two beautiful rose essences in our store separately, and you can read more about them there.  
Here on this page we are offering two gift sets just for Valentine’s Day.  These include 1/6 ounce of your choice of rose oil, beautifully gift boxed, with a 5×7 reproduction of my painting of First Light with the words imprinted, “Love is Who You Are.”  It comes with an envelope so that you can write your own special message on the back. These sets are on special discount until the 14th of February.

SPECIAL NOTE: Black Rose gift set is now completely sold out.  Individual 1/6 ounce bottles will be restocked soon.


I have worked with many distillers through the years and sampled countless varieties of rose distillations. I have to admit there were some I liked more than others. You see when a literal ton of petals are crushed and get into the distiller, there is no way to eliminate the parts of a petal that have little or no fragrance or the greener part which would attach to the stem.   Also many cultivated roses are grown in agricultural conditions of depleted soil, with the use of “chemical protection” that robs the plant of its regal energy. You have probably noticed the roses in someone’s private garden smell so much better than the ones you buy.

Would you like to smell rose the way God created it to be?  Then I have a real treat for you.

Of all the distillations I have ever sampled none come close to the Wild Arabian  Rose. You see “wild” is better than organic. Because organic is still human manipulated. Desert climates are perfect for roses because nature inhibits weeds and no fungus can grow there. More than that in the desert the rose is a keystone species vital for nectar to many species of insects.  Therefore it’s aroma has a very wide range of scent distribution.

We have offered this before, many years ago. But production became scarce due to social problems in its native land. Therefore prices became too high for our economic level.

The GOOD NEWS IS WE HAVE IT BACK for a while, as long as God and peace on earth will provide it for us.

We acquired a small supply to make it ready for Valentine’s Day. Instead of giving a bouquet that will wither and fade in a few days, why not give a bottle of a thousand rose petals that will be heavenly beautiful to the last drop?  Due to our limited supply we are only offering it right now in 1/6 ounce bottles.

Rose is the queen of flowers. It’s many colors have touched our heart in countless ways, and given inspiration to poets through the ages. However, there is one rare and mysterious rose I would call the Empress. This is the Black Rose. 

In nature a black rose has appeared occasionally and unpredictably since ancient times.  But these haunting and exquisite occurrences would not propagate by seeds.  And there were never enough specimens in the same area for botanists to successfully create more of them through controlled pollination. Thankfully they didn’t give up. Now today there are fields of these majestic beauties; enough finally to distill their fragrance into essential oil.

Last week I smelled my first sample. I can’t begin to tell you the state of WOW I went into. The aroma is rich, deep, complex, and gorgeous beyond description. But what touched me for hours is how many layers of fragrance are in it. It’s like the most expensive designer perfume. But there was just one designer (nature) and one variety of rose. It was deeply rooted in the earth and its magnetism seems infinite.

Aroma therapists have found rose oil to be almost miraculous for generating feelings of love, higher mind, safety, self-esteem, and general wellbeing in life.  I expect this one to exceed all prior experience.

A special word to the gentlemen who love rose but feel it may be too feminine to wear. You will think again when you smell this. There is no gender association. It’s simply Devine.  Where you might consider pink roses to be the bridal flower of choice, Black Rose is the tuxedo.

How can pure essential oils affect our higher state of Being? Life is like a seedling or a child reaching up for the sunlight and trusting that its instincts are exactly tuned to achieving the right result.  Many studies have revealed there’s a part of our body that still and always behaves that way: that’s the autonomic nervous system.  It does exactly what’s needed regardless of all the counter-conditions that our mind or environment may instruct.

This is actually the secret of how aromatherapy works.  Smell directly stimulates the Amydala and the Hypothalamus, both of which are gateways to the autonomic nervous system, without asking permission from our conscious considerations or mental blocks.

An interesting correlation is that essential oil is the Life Blood of the botanical kingdom, and that is the closest form of life to our earth.  As we respond to her lovely fragrances we can find a depth of inspiration and power of attraction that brings all the good things of life to us.  This is especially true when it’s beautiful and uplifting to the spirit.

we offer only pure essential oils (unless otherwise stated) that connect our senses with what nature would supply for our basic and most important aspirations.

These rare essential oils were created by nature and will serve for your great inspiration, creativity, delight, and well-being. They are beautifully gift boxed with an accompanying altar card reproduction of an original painting by Glenda Green pertaining to love or the sacred heart, or the miracles of love. We started with “First Light” and progressed to “The Sacred Heart,” then to “Love is the Gateway to Miracles,” and then to “The Heart’s Garden” where she wrote most of Love Without End.”.  May this special package bless and abundantly enrich your life.


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Weight 2 lbs
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Wild Arabian Rose, Black Rose


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