Yearly Subscription for twelve months of essential oils



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12 months of essential oils with audio instructions


If you love our essential oils, or you want to treat someone you love to them we have a perfect subscription plan for you.  On this plan you will receive a new 1/6 ounce pure essential oil every month for one year.  And you will have a choice for which one you want. Every month we will make five choices available to our subscribers, and at least two of the choices will be premium blends like Christ Scent or Blessed Mother or Love.  Our 1/6 ounce oils range from $15 to $17 but for you it will only be $12 each.  That’s a significant savings for you.  PLUS you will receive a link to an audio presentation from Glenda about the oil you choose, telling about its creation, use, and benefits.  You will be a member of the Spiritis Essential Oil Club.  And during the year as a member you will receive special sales and coupons not given to the general public.  All of these opportunities will give you a chance to stock up on your favorites at an amazing price, AND to try something new along with instructions about what to do with it.

The cost of your annual subscription is $144.  That’s $12 per bottle and free audio presentations.  No other charges will apply except for shipping.  We thought about offering a little higher price that would include shipping, but we realized it could never be fair to everyone.   People all over the world love our essential oils.  Most of our one bottle shipments in the US are less than $2.  But international shipments would be more. Therefore, you will have a choice for shipping, which ranges from first class, to priority, to FedEx, to international priority.  This will be up to you.

So every month you will receive an email telling you when your new selection is available. You will be provided with a link to this page and a coupon that processes your selection with no charge except for the shipping method you choose.  You will also receive a link to the audio page for Glenda’s presentation about it.

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