Silent Auction


Silent-AuctionYou are cordially invited to attend and view an amazing collection of Glenda Green’s original paintings now available on silent auction.

In addition to being extraordinary and beautiful works of art, these paintings may be the best investment of your life.

Starting NOW…ending Thursday December 15th

Listen to Glenda’s walk through of the 12 pieces in the Auction

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As a gesture of love, faith, good will and enduring commitment to the messages of Jeshua, Glenda Green has donated to Spiritis Church 37 important works of art, mostly her own creations but also a number of museum-worthy pieces by famous artists of the past.  

This is to ensure there are sufficient funds to continue the priceless messages of Jeshua while freeing enough of her time to write them down for posterity. These works of art will be offered to the public for auction throughout this next year, some of them through major auction houses…but never again at such low starting prices.
Earlier this year, our first round of six auction pieces was a great success. Many people gained the art investment of a lifetime at amazing prices, yet it all benefited the cause to which these works of are were contributed.
Now, we have another set of twelve paintings by Glenda, that we think will be equally appealing to our collectors. We would like to give you first option to examine, consider, and make a bid if you like. It’s a silent auction, so no one but us will know what you bid, and who knows, you may win!
Due to the rare, unique, and irreplaceable nature of these works there is a minimum bid, but we will consider any bid at that price or above.  These minimums were set at 10% of the appraised and insurable value of the piece based on the sale of comparable pieces in the past.  Their estimated and real value will, of course, increase dramatically in the future as the overall value of all the artist’s work appreciates.
You may bid as many times as you like, and we will let you know if or when someone else has exceeded your bid so that you may consider increasing it. Remember in addition to acquiring an original work of great art with enormous appreciating value, you are also contributing to the writing and publishing of Jesus’ priceless messages to the world, insuring that they will continue in perpetuity.  All around, its a great thing to be part of.
  The auction begins NOW, December 8, 2016.  
The auction for these first offerings will end on Thursday December 15th at midnight.
All bidders will be kept appraised of their bid status so they may bid more if desired.  
Arrangements for payment and shipping will be made directly with the winner.
Shipping will be through FedEx, or personal hand pickup.

The Current Auction

Click on the Image you want to bid on to place your bid.

Gracious Memory recognitions-detail

Storm Trek

Baloons over Mystic lake detail Tropical baloons detail

Angel and 3 Bears Ponies in Paradise

Each work of art is certified as to flawless condition and perfect state of conservation. Each one is, of course, signed and dated by the artist. Each work of art will be accompanied by a “Provenance” (historical description) stating when, why, and how it was created, along with any public exhibition or museum records where it has been displayed.  Specific item descriptions can be found by clicking on the picture that interest’s you.  Each piece will be custom priced for shipping depending on its weight, special needs for packing, insurance, and final destination.  However, only actual costs will be quoted.

You may place as many bids as you would like