“Recognitions” is an original painting by Glenda Green created in 1991 just prior to the changes that came to her life because of the visions of Christ.  This and a few others from that period will be the central theme of this auction. This painting is particularly significant in it portrays a haunting sense of premonition, in addition to the gracious women that were the focal points of so many early paintings.

This painting is executed in multi-media with pastel (chalk), colored pencil, and watercolor on 100% acid free artist’s board.  It very much characterizes the reminiscence of the artist’s previous life when it became dedicated specifically for spiritual service. The appraised value of this painting is $15,000. That is based on the comparable appraised value of her original figurative paintings on canvas that reach as high as $60,000.

This painting is framed with a beautiful brushed silver wood frame and a beige jacquard liner and inner fillet frame.  The glass has been removed to make shipment lighter and to protect the painting from damage.  There will be a small cost for the buyer in replacing the glass after receiving your painting, but that will likely be far less than the high cost of shipping and insuring a glazed work of art this size.   It is still firmly installed in its mat and frame.   The picture dimensions are:  19″ x 25″ (image size) The outer frame dimensions are: 32” x 38”

The cost for shipping can only be determined after we know the final packaged weight and destination.  All auction purchases may be picked up in person or special arrangements made by the purchaser.  Otherwise, all of our shipments will go through FedEx, and will be insured for an amount at the buyers request but no less than the purchase price.

Our minimum bid for this piece is $1,500.  This minimum was set at 10% of the appraised and insurable value of the painting based on the sale of comparable pieces in the past.  It’s estimated and real value will, of course, increase dramatically in the future as the overall value of all the artist’s work appreciates.


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