Ascension of Christ

The Ascension of Christ is a giclee and not an original painting.  However, it is a rare collectible as you will see in the following description of it.  The giclee is a very large, unusual size for a giclee at 20” x 43” (almost 4 feet tall).  The original painting, which it recreates, is seven feet tall.  The original painting was created in 2001 as a special commission by a collector who has since departed this earth and left the painting to someone with whom we have no connection.  Perhaps it will surface someday.  Before it left the artist’s possession one giclee was made from a direct scan of the painting to an enormous flatbed scanner (no photographs were involved).  There was only one giclee ever made, and unless the original painting comes back into the artist’s possession, it is highly unlikely there will ever be another one.  This is a rare piece, and incredibly beautiful.  It is signed by the artist with the number 1/1

This giclee is a perfect replica of the painting, and is created on artist canvas.  It is in impeccable condition, having never been exposed to light.  It has been safely rolled in a tube for 15 years. Based on comparable values of other giclees this size, added to the rarity of this piece we can confidently say the appraised value would be $1,200.

Our minimum bid for this piece is $120.  This minimum was set at 10% of the appraised and insurable value of the piece based on the sale of comparable pieces currently in our store, added to which this is a “one of a kind” with exceptional importance.  It’s estimated and real value may increase dramatically in the future as the overall value of the artist’s work appreciates.

Considering that it is not currently stretched, this piece will be much safer and less expensive to ship rolled in a tube as it now is.  Any professional frame store can stretch the canvas, and make suggestions about appropriate framing.  The cost for shipping can only be determined after we know the final packaged weight and destination.  This work of art can ship either through FedEx or USPS, and will be insured for an amount at the buyers request but no less than the purchase price.

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    The Ascension of Christ

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    Our minimum bid is $120.