Flight of Spring

“Flight of Spring”  Original Lithographic hand-pulled print.  In this auction are two lithographic prints from 1980 that launched Glenda’s international prominence as a leading contemporary artist.  These lithographs were created under contract with Bruce McGaw Graphics in New York in an artisan print studio where each lithographic plate is created by the artist and hand pulled through press.  These are true collectables and only 275 of each one was created.  Only a very few pieces in the artist collection remain unpurchased.

“Flight of Spring” is a quintessential expression of freedom and delight in the eternal youth of a loving soul.  It is the spirit of joy, adventure, and dance.  This print for auction is number 5 of 275 issued, and of course signed by the artist.  It is printed on the finest acid free lithographic paper.  This print is unframed and will be shipped flat. The image size is:  29″ x 17.″

The appraised value of this print is $1,900. That is based on reported sales records of prints resold by galleries as a rare collectible.  The original release retail price was $300 in 1980.  All but a few in the artist collection were sold within a few months.

Our minimum bid for this piece is $190, much less than the original retail price.  This minimum was set at 10% of the appraised and insurable value of the print based on the sale of comparable pieces being resold through galleries.  It’s estimated and real value will, of course, increase dramatically in the future as the overall value of all the artist’s work appreciates.

The cost for shipping can only be determined after we know the final packaged weight and destination.  All auction purchases may be picked up in person or special arrangements made by the purchaser.  Otherwise, all of our shipments will go through FedEx, and will be insured for an amount at the buyers request but no less than the purchase price.

Flight of Spring

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    Flight of Spring

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