Ponies in Paradise

 “Ponies in Paradise” was created in the spring of 1995.  It is an oil painting on the finest Belgium Linen using the same old master techniques that have been the signature hallmark of this artist since the beginning of her career.  It is one of four angel paintings created on the remainder of canvas from the roll purchased for “The Lamb and The Lion.”  This delightful painting expresses the artist’s joy from the years of painting “The Lamb and The Lion” and all the wonderful experiences afterwards in showing it.    In some ways it’s a bit of a spoof.  It takes its inspiration from a Baroque ceiling painting with cherubs.  Yet it is entirely original in concept and composition, and is quite indigenous to the artist personally.  It reflects lovingly back to the cloud lion in her painting of Jesus, and her early days on a farm in Texas where she was playing “cowboys and Indians” with her best friends from the time she was a baby.  The brown boots worn so playfully by one of the cherubs were her own first boots.  The baby faces of the cherubs are as beautifully painted as her finest figurative work.

The frame is a gray washed gold leaf with a “barn wood” liner to complement the cowboy theme.  It has been displayed in her gallery in Fort Worth and in several of her museum shows since its creation.  Both the painting and the frame are in perfect condition and conservational status. The back side is shown in clear view below for your inspection, although, it will be professionally sealed with a dust cover for its final delivery.  The dimensions are:  (canvas size) 20″ x 26″  (outer frame dimensions) 29.5″ x 35.5″

The cost for shipping will be separately determined, and will depend on its destination. For your information, the finished box will weigh about 12 pounds, and ship by FedEx.  It will be insured for the price you request but no less than the price you pay.

Our minimum bid for this painting is $1,500.  This minimum were set at 10% of the appraised and insurable value of the piece based on the sale of comparable pieces in the past.  It’s estimated and real value will, of course, increase dramatically in the future as the overall value of all the artist’s work appreciates.

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    Ponies in Paradise

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    Our minimum bid for this painting is $1,500