Conversations With Jesus USB Flash Drive


The USB Flash Drive is the complete remastered conversion of the original conversations with Jesus


In order to keep up with modern technology while preserving a legacy masterpiece, we found that an MP3 conversion will work better in more systems and devices.  In developing that idea, we also discovered that we could improve the clarity and sound quality by doing this. It will come to you as a USB stick that you can easily play on many modern systems as well as on newer cars that have a USB port.

“Conversations With Jesus” is an audio recording of Glenda’s original 1996 public lectures, in which she told of her amazing conversations with Jesus.  There were 14 sessions, each about an hour long, preserved for you in their original form, now remastered through innovative technology to gain greater clarity and quality of sound.

During the time she painted her legendary portrait of him, “The Lamb and The Lion,” she was given a rare glimpse of eternity. He talked — she took notes. In their conversations he answered more than 400 important questions including who we are, how we came to be, and how the universe was created.

These lectures were unrehearsed presentations from her original notes, which she had intended to keep secret. That is, until further encounters with The Master revealed his greater wishes for her to share what she had been told. These lectures precede “Love Without End” by two years, and represent an major landmark in Glenda’s progress toward full revelation. Much, though not all, of the information presented in “Love Without End” is here. However, the greater value of these recordings is the human and emotional intonation of love, vulnerability, and dedication to surrender the experiences of her life to an even greater value for others.

The sincerity and authenticity is palpable. One can feel his presence with her. For many listeners, this is the perfect blend of rich information and human warmth. These are lecture-hall live recordings (not studio perfect), although we have spared no expense to enhance and upgrade the sound as much as technology permits. This set is for those who want the most authentic experience possible for the messages in “Love Without End.” They are a perfect presentation tool for study groups.

These lectures are now available in three form that contain exactly the same material, and all three forms with remastered sound quality:

Options are presented in the selection box above.

They may still be purchased as a full 14-Disc CD set.  AND, because of improvements in production, we will be able to offer these sets for over $20 less than before.

The newest options are MP3 conversions, which are available as a USB Flash Drive with all 14 sessions in a form that is highly portable and very useful in many devices.  That is probably the best way to keep your collection of recording safe and uncorrupted for a lifetime.

The third option is a variation on that.  We have prepared all 14 sessions to be downloadable MP3s, both as a full set and as individual sessions.  We were thinking about the many listeners through the years who purchased the full set but damaged or lost certain lectures within the set.  This will provide a very convenient and inexpensive way to replace the ones you are missing.


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