Creating the Life You Want!


Consisting of four written text lessons and four teleconferences


In this webinar you are invited to change your perceptions and beliefs from fear of failure (or even fear of success) to anticipation of life’s own great revelation within you!

Contrary to worldly conditioning, there has never been anything wrong WITH you, although there may have been many things or experiences that were wrong FOR you. Those things, events, or experiences did not bring out the best in you, or cultivate the indwelling seeds of life.

We cling to the past because we still have not figured it out! We ask, “What happened? It was so short, and I still don’t get the point of so many things that happened!” Well you’re not alone. This is what misunderstandings do. They confuse us, and in the end we usually conclude that we failed somewhere along the way, or we may have specific failures in mind. Well, my friends, I will tell you now, it’s not failures that got you stuck. Failure is just a speed bump on the way to success. The problem is we can’t recover our speed when we’re uncertain about where we want to go. Eventually we just slow down altogether and become like the doddering old drivers youngsters pass on the highway.

In this webinar you will learn that it’s never too late to recover ALL the energy that you locked up in an uncertain past. It’s never too late to freshen up your life and be exactly where you want and need to be NOW. Even those who were successful can get locked in the past if they do not know how to retrieve their energy from it. One thing we can be assured from nature, science and God is that no energy is EVER lost. It is just momentarily tied up in illusions and structures you created and held onto. If they were great creations we try to perpetuate them, not realizing that all things have their limit of elasticity, with a great toll of consumption. If parts of our past now lie in broken pieces we try to fix it. For most of us our past is some combination of both images.

When we try to create our future out of images from our past we never have enough energy to fully create what we want. It’s already used and locked down. More than likely we have even lost touch with what we really want, because we are so involved in perpetuating something that has little to do with our life now. Reasons become far more important than intentions! Reasons tell us why we built a boat. Intentions tell us where the winds are coming from and how they will fill our sails!

Wouldn’t it be better to just liberate the energy you have tied up in the past and create something new?

Without some help and encouragement, without some very practical and proven steps to take you may back off from answering that question in a positive way. You may be afraid of being wrong in relation to what your past or other people have conditioned you to expect for your future. The fact is, not every action may be correct or optimal, and not every experience may be right for you. You may have had many experiences in the past that were wrong FOR you, but that does not mean there was anything wrong WITH you. This is the confidence you need to have restored, because when you are right with yourself, with life, and with God, then “Creating the Life You Want” happens naturally!

Learn the difference between ordinary success and success that matters! It’s sometimes hard to tell in the midst of overgrowth of perpetual adaptation to outside demands that really did not work, or at least were not satisfying. It’s equally hard to believe that one little sprout of corn in a desert can eventually become a harvest of great wealth. Our discernment and confidence need to be restored.

When we set out to create the life we want, it must begin with honesty. That means honesty about our life, feelings, aptitude and real interests. This requires acceptance of who you really are, all ego and self-deprecation set aside. As part of that, there is nurturing the gifts and seeds already planted.

Here you can refresh your desires instead of just projecting old one to “fix” what hasn’t worked to create the life you want! The life you want can only be created from the ground on which you stand NOW. No matter how shaky it feels, this is where you stake your flag and build your kingdom of heaven.

In this webinar you will have worksheets that help you determine exactly what part of your past is still unresolved, and I’ll give you a clue. It probably has nothing to do with failures which are only experiences on the pathway to success proving you do not stop.

Please join us in the adventure of your life, to become and experience more good than you ever knew you could hold in your hands.


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