Faith essential oil blend



Want to find retreat from a hectic world?

Want to collect your deep spiritual reserves and love more fully again?

Something we all need more of today…
The beautiful herbs and aromas of this exquisite blend will help you find and draw strength through faith.
Faith is the unseen river of life that is infinitely greater than the life we see and touch.  Its holy fragrance awakens our soul.



Faith keeps us true to our self and resting in the grace of God.  Faith defines our values and illuminates our strengths even in the midst of conflict and confusion.  Holding to our faith is everything gained.  Losing our faith is to lose our direction in life.


Faith is held by the soul, and refined by all of our subtle senses.  It is the inner peace and beauty that can only be known by our soul, and yet it holds together all of our being, body, and heart to remain in our truth and our union with God.  


Faith essential oil blend is as fresh and pure as the fragrance of wild herbs after a spring rain. It is blended with rare organic high mountain herbs, then mellowed into the rich reward of the finest vanilla I have ever smelled.  A touch of Heaven on Earth.


This beautiful blend was brought to me by spiritual instruction after my prayer, “Oh Lord, please help me to find a way to bring inner peace into a world that is expanding with chaos.” His answer was, “All miracles come by faith.”  Inspire that in others.



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