Grandmother’s Garden Limited Edition Giclee on canvas


Grandmother’s Garden Fine Art Painting


This is the most impressionistic of all Glenda’s recent paintings, not only in style and color, but also in motivation. Here she was exploring the richness of life and color through an even larger expanse of sensory stimulation. Through the use of multiple perspectives she develops order that transcends chaos, and yet brings every impression vividly into focus.

This painting evokes such a ripe sensation as to suggest the heat of July, with June Bugs playing their orchestra in the thicket of color. “I played often in this garden as a child, and it endures in my heart as one of the loveliest recollections. It was an old-fashioned cottage garden that grew spontaneously, and “by topsy” through decades of freely cast seeds and perennial root stock. I remember hiding behind the tall daises and flushing out rabbits or discovering bird’s nests as I went to pick sunflowers for the dinner table. Beyond all the particulars, however, I most remember the many dimensions of colorful experience as life surrounded me from every direction and filled my every sense.”

The painting’s execution and color is masterful, and the style is the kind of scintillating life celebration we associate with Glenda. As if this were not enough, there is a great deal more going on than meets the eye. Although each of these paintings seems to be the result of natural perception and careful rendition, none of them would be possible without conscious and deliberate integration from a consciousness that knows how we see and where “seeing” comes from. Each composition is built around at least 5 perspectives, which emulates the spectrum of multi-peripheral vision. What this accomplishes, is that it stimulates the mind into admitting its active and major role in orchestrating all our perceptions.

“The Heart’s Garden” explores multi-dimensional perspectives in an intimate setting. This is a real place in the Fort Worth Botanical Garden where Glenda spent many hours writing the original script for her best-selling book, “Love Without End.”  This was a place of visual, spiritual, and thought-filled immersion.  The bench was the center point of the rich panorama within this garden setting. The trees created a dynamic arbor to frame the flowers and pathway, as they filtered the ambient light around her.

This painting provides many visual sensations of the book that was written in here on the summer days of 1998.  You will be able to imagine the squirrels and crows Glenda talked about in the book and so many other references to nature that were made.  If Love Without End could be turned into a picture this would be it.


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