Grandmother’s Garden


Our newest addition to the Art Gallery

This beautiful giclee is taken from the original painting created by Glenda Green to celebrate vivid memories of her childhood.  Glenda was steeped in traditions of gardening.  She was also able to enjoy a legacy of Victorian gardens.  On the one hand they could be very formal.  But for common folks they would be more like this one belonging to her grandmother.  Neither having nor wanting herbicides and pesticides, household gardens would be planted with such density between flowers and edibles there would be no room for weeds, plus the dense covering kept more hydration in the soil.  Yes, it could be like walking through a thicket. A path had to be cut or maybe a few stones laid down to keep it clear.  But for a little child it was even more magical to burrow a tunnel and perchance encounter a rabbit or a bird pecking for seeds. 

This giclee was printed on a fine art giclee printer using archival heavy weight matt paper that will last for decades if protected from direct UV light.  Ready for matting and framing.  Each print is made one at a time and signed by the artist..  The print is 16 x 20 image size, and the paper size is 20 x 24.  The image is impeccably detailed with stunning color, and the overall quality is breath taking.  This has allowed us to bring down the cost for you to have an awesome giclee for only a little more than what you would pay for an ordinary print.  


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 5 × 5 in


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