Lavender Fields Limited Edition Giclee on canvas


Lavender Fields Limited Edition Giclee (Personally created by the artist, sold unframed only)


Imagine sitting on an elevated patio overlooking rolling hills of lavender in the South of France. Allow it to rush upon you as the aroma takes you into tranquil relaxation. Follow the walkway down the hill and up to the village on a hill. Perhaps there will be a small café with fresh baked pastry. From this new perspective, look back from the village at where you have been. Once you have exercised your mind in connecting all the parts of a composition put together this way, expanded imagination is really possible.”

The painting’s execution and color is masterful, and the style is the kind of scintillating life celebration we associate with Glenda. As if this were not enough, there is a great deal more going on than meets the eye. Although each of these paintings seems to be the result of natural perception and careful rendition, none of them would be possible without conscious and deliberate integration from a consciousness that knows how we see and where “seeing” comes from. Each composition is built around at least 5 perspectives, which emulates the spectrum of multi-peripheral vision. What this accomplishes, is that it stimulates the mind into admitting its active and major role in orchestrating all our perceptions.

We actually SEE with our total consciousness, not our eyes, which are only data gathering instruments. Normally the mind is lazy when looking at a picture, and allows the eyes to casually review the shallow spectrum of information presented on a two-dimensional surface. This is why pictures do not wrap around us, excite our imagination, or stimulate multi-sensory experiences. By imitating THE WAY our mind integrates streams of perceptual data, it becomes actively engaged, and suddenly we are not only seeing a purple blanket of lavender, but we are bathed in its aroma.


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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 2 × 18 in
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16×20, 22×28


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