Sacred Heart essential oil blend


Sacred Heart

Want to find retreat from a hectic world?

Want to collect your deep spiritual reserves and love more fully again?

Something we all need more of today…
The beautiful herbs and flowers of this exquisite blend will help you find and draw strength from the Sacred Heart.


Sacred Heart

In “Love Without End, Jesus Speaks” (p. 172) Jeshua describes the Sacred Heart this way:

“In the depths of your being is your own sacred center. It is
the still, quiet chamber wherein you are one with God. Your own
indigenous power is held in place through this connection. Therefore,
you cannot underestimate the value that conscious participation may
bring. Knowledge of the heart is priceless to your life. The heart is a
place where you must be alone, for it is your sacred ground. The very

act of being there is the essence of prayer. When I told my disciples to
go into a closet to pray, I was being quite literal in two ways. Any
quiet secluded place will do. Select a place that is appropriate to the
sacred chamber you are about to enter within your being.”



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