The Bridge Between Heaven and Earth


Consisting of five written text lessons and five teleconferences


There are few questions that have been more pondered than Heaven. Where is it, what is it, and how do we get there? Religious doctrine provides a lexicon of advice about how to optimize our chances of making it.

In a revolutionary voice, however, Jeshua said:
“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.”

He advised us not to look for it here or there, or point to its arrival from any place outside creation. Yet, he said there would be a time when Heaven would be united with Earth.

I know you join me in hopes of seeing that day and perhaps facilitating its arrival. It is to that hope and expectation that this course is dedicated.

First we must eradicate the obstacles imprinted within our consciousness. We live in a culture and tradition of thinking which embraces the dualistic nature of man. Namely, that we are physical and mortal creatures of nature, embodied with the spiritual and immortal qualities of a soul. For thousands of years of thinking and believing we have put these two different characteristics in separate dimensions of existence, sometimes barely allowing for connection.

All persisting problems in the world stem from the fact that we solve our physical problems and enjoy our physical pleasures with mortal solutions. All the while, we engage with our spiritual nature only for reasons of seeking immortality or even disconnection from physical existence.

This course is dedicated to the proposition that there is such a bridge. Mainly, it consists of understanding and applying the commonalities that exist between physical and spiritual existence. In the Scriptures it is said, “By My Spirit all things were created.” Would it not still be that way, and always and forever that way?

It is only we humans who have engaged in separating the worlds. Jeshua came into the world to reunite them, and then gave us a commission to complete that work. In the last two thousand years, hundreds of thousands of people have given or dedicated their lives to that proposition. However, their understanding was small, and their conditioning to still believe in separate worlds was great.

It is time we ascended to higher ground!


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