Summer is for Miracles

This is our theme for summer 2019!

Everyone wants a miracle…even people who don’t believe in them.  Jeshua knew this and used miracles to build faith. 
Those who have studied with me know I am not super fond of the “Law of Attraction.”  Those who advocate it are working with some great ideas, but the fact is, laws have to be objective and constant, or they are not laws.  Miracles are subjective and personal…and attracted by faith.  

The study of faith and the study of miracles are just two sides of the same coin.  They both require allowance of the unknown to fulfill our life as part of a plan that already exists. It just hasn’t been implemented or discovered yet.

Yes, attraction is an important part of pulling life together and moving it forward.  But, remember, just because a bee comes to a flower does not mean it will cause the flower to produce pollen.  There could be many other factors affecting the life of that flower.  And, just because it may produce pollen does not mean it will attract a pollinator.  

What we all need to cultivate in our awareness is


the timing, the purpose, and the form it takes.

This is very personal, very faith driven, and very significant to our lives.  In fact, every perfect attraction is a miracle!

Not every problem in your life will be solved, because many of them were created without thought or reason for consequences.  Others were created by forces that you do not control and cannot change.  It takes faith to let go of the things you have no power over.  But that opens a great space for your faith to attract the things, events, or results that DO complete your life and fulfill its purpose.

Such marvelous revelations show who you are, why you are here, your value to the world, and how you are loved.

These are some of the qualities that attract your personal miracles: Love, Compassion, Faith, Forgiveness, Courage, and Redemption. 

But within each of us are some negative habits or characteristics that can push away miracles

These are some of the qualities that repel your personal miracles: Doubt, fear, compulsive behavior, resentment, intolerance, demanding intentions, a restless mind, an unforgiving heart, and disbelief in anything you do not control.

We all have some of both positive and negative qualities.  The key to attracting miracles is to minimize the negative and emphasize  the positive.

We support your discovery of whatever attracts the HIGHEST AND BEST FOR YOU!

In that hope we have created our summer offerings for 2019

It begins with our Summer Webinar:
“Attracting Your Own Miracle”
It’s a three week course, with conference call sessions, online audio, and downloadable text lessons. 
Sundays July 14, 21, and 28.
To learn all the details, just follow this link

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To support you in these monumental personal discoveries and revelations, I have created three new essential oil blends.  Essential oils reach the deepest recesses of our central nervous system and subconscious mind, where our strongest defenses hold guard.  These particular blends are directed toward some of the strongest defenses that can defeat miracles.  

Even if you can’t make the seminar, please consider how any of these new blends can help you find the best in life.

FEARLESS   Is an amazing aroma that takes away pressure from the outside world and makes you feel as if you have entered a sanctuary of peaceful grace.  Follow this link to learn more.  Between now and July 7, it is marked 25% off in our store.

 REDEMPTION  means that you are free of karmic debts from the past.  You are forgiven and can release all those defenses, which have held you back from the unknown.  Redemption is knowing that your faith has set you free to consider infinite possibilities.  And in that freedom you can attract what is rightfully yours.  This beautiful essential oil blend is made of the most exquisite botanical expressions of love: Rose and Ylang-Ylang to which is added a small portion of Christ Scent.  Even though it is principally floral, the addition of Christ Scent makes it very gender neutral and perfectly spiritual.  Between now and July 7, it is marked 25% off in our store.

Strange as it may seem, the greatest antidote to all the bringers of misery is just to be HAPPY. I have thought for the longest time for an essential oil blend that would promote happiness against a backdrop of even the most oppressive or sad condition.  Finally I found it.  This may be the simplest way to shoot an arrow into the heart of pain.  I small it and all memories of hardship are gone.  This essential oil is so alive you will not believe the memories it brings back.  Most importantly it brings to mind all the richness and joy of success.   Its also on sale now for 25% off till July 7th

These three:  Fearless, Redemption, and Happy are your three most powerful attitude changers.  They work deeply in your consciousness to touch issues you may not even realize you have.  But I didn’t want to leave you there without finishing the success formula.  You must amplify the positive and take away the negative…and do it all together! 

So I gathered the six most powerful essential oil blends we have for attracting the personal and special miracles you need.  They are 

Christ Scent       One Soul     Fearless     Redemption     Thy Will be Done     Happy

We are making all 6 available together as one set, in 1/6 ounce sizes, for 25% off its normal price of $90.  FROM NOW till the end of our webinar … only $67 for the whole set.  Just follow this link to learn more and order.



We are placing on sale our sets of “Seven Archangels” and the “Power of Attraction” sets.

AS I said from the very beginning, our personal miracles are special exceptions to the nature and predictable order of things.  Sometimes we need to place more attention on the power of attraction.  Other times we need to be calling on Divine Guidance.  Follow your intuition and faith, and you will not be wrong.  Add that to prayer, and surrender to the will of God, your personal miracle will come.

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