“Fearless” was created to protect us from the needless influences of fear in the world.  Of all the emotions in human consciousness, fear is the one which most erodes our confidence, and most erodes our health and creativity.  Fear is the enemy of Love.  Yes there are events and occasions that need to be regarded with fear.  However, a constant battering of fear is the most effective tool ever created for gaining control and dominance over the human heart and mind.  This lovely blend was designed to shut off those forces of defeat, and to activate our confidence that life is truly good, and that goodness can pour its blessings onto us.

One dram samples available


Our “Fearless” pure essential oil blend is just like its name suggests.  It cultivates our willingness to embrace life with enthusiasm and positive expectations. This blend was created to relax us into a better state of living.  There are many SO reasons we do not receive what is available to us.  Sometimes its lack of faith, sometimes we don’t trust help, sometimes we just don’t want to surrender our self reliance, and there are many other defense mechanisms that lower our ability to recognize opportunity when it knocks.  The best way to receive what we want is to accept what is available now, and to receive with gratitude, unconditionally, without our defense mechanisms in a full state of resistance.

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1/3oz, 1/6oz, 1 dram sample


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