Seven Archangels Essential Oil Blends, Complete Set of Seven


Seven Archangels Essential Oil Blends 1/6 ounce Set of 7

In this set you will receive all 7 amazing blends for the price of 6.  And they are beautifully gift boxed with instructions about the nature and service of each angel.

There are Seven Archangels…sometimes called by different names, but their sacred services are recognized in almost all religions. These essential oil blends have been created to help you pull them into your consciousness and hold them close.

Archangels are an important link for humanity with higher realms and the Divine.  They bring grace, beauty, protection, and healing.  Many times they bring miraculous intervention.  Archangels are God’s presence in all of life to help us through all the issues and rough spots we may encounter. They also elevate us to the high places of our soul.


The Archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Ariel, Jophiel, and Zadkiel. For details and characteristics of each angel please read about each Archangel blend.  

How can pure essential oils can affect our higher state of Being? Life is like a seedling or a child reaching up for the sunlight and trusting that its instincts are exactly tuned to achieving the right result.  Many studies have revealed there’s a part of our body that still and always behaves that way: that’s the autonomic nervous system.  It does exactly what’s needed regardless of all the counter-conditions that our mind may instruct.

This is actually the secret of how aromatherapy works.  Smell directly stimulates the Amydala and the Hypothalamus, both of which are gateways to the autonomic nervous system, without asking permission from our conscious considerations or mental blocks.

An interesting correlation is that essential oil is the Life Blood of the botanical kingdom, and that is the closest form of life to our earth.  As we respond to her lovely fragrances we can find a depth of inspiration and power of attraction that brings all the good things of life to us.  This is especially true when it’s beautiful and uplifting to the spirit.

Our blends are composed of are pure essential oils that connect our senses with what nature would supply for our basic and most important aspirations.

These blends of rare essential oils were created by  Glenda Green for inspiration, creativity, delight, and well-being. They are beautifully gift boxed in a clear acrylic container with gold lids and a golden bow.  May  they  bless and enhance your spiritual practices, and abundantly enrich your life.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 1 in
Bottle Size

Complete set of 7, 1/6 oz, Complete set of 7, 1/3 oz


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