Urgent Attraction Pure Artisan Blend Oil

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Urgent Attraction Pure Artisan Blend Oil


Sometimes we need to attract some kind of change quickly just to get relief or regain hope.  It may be we are bogged down in unworkable ideas, a lack of friends, no movement at work, or a health challenge that drains our energy.  In such cases any change for the better brings greater clarity and forward mobility.  Vetivert and cinnamon are just the spark that is needed.  The cooling herbal scent of Vetivert is laced with a touch of warmth from the cinnamon.  It’s not spicy at all, but it is a bit like the icy-hot packs one would put on aching muscles.  It both soothes and awakens at the same time.  Urgent Attraction Pure Artisan Blend Oil is very gender neutral and extremely pleasant and comforting.  Use from the heart up to the throat and behind the neck.

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  1. Jenny Norris

    This is one of my favorite blends! I love that this has vetivert–it’s so earthy and comforting, yet refined. (I even use this blend when things aren’t “urgent” in my life. Somewhere on the earth things are urgent for someone, so when I wear it, I just send a blessing to those who need it.)

    • ggreen

      Thanks I love your insight and thoughtfulness. I feel the same way. Glenda

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