Attracting Release Pure Artisan Blend Oil


Attracting Release Pure Artisan Blend Oil


Before we can attract what we want, we often must attract our final release or closure with whatever has been holding us back.  Sometimes our obstacle to success is remembered failure, sometimes we have regrets, and sometimes we carry generational conditioning, even generational sins.  These cannot always be washed away with forgiveness or even review and acknowledgement, because often the burdens we carry against our greater good are carried out of attachment or even love for others.  Attracting a state of heart and mind, and even an outer connection, where release can truly occur is a fateful and life-changing event.  This blend was created precisely to assist that in happening.  It is composed principally of Frankincense, which attracts purification, protection, and spiritual guidance; Hyssop, which is legendary for releasing our attachment to things or ideas that do not serve us; and Lavender for peace, healing, and relaxation.  Apply Attracting Release Pure Artisan Blend Oil to the feet each evening before sleep, and anytime you feel a sagging mood due to doubts or bad feelings about your fate.

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