Frangipani Botanical Essence


Frangipani Pure Botanical Essence


Frangipani is a tropical flower that is even  more beautiful than any picture can show because of its fragrance and joyful essence.  Of all the floral essential oils it is the only one I wear in pure form because it is so complex as to suggest a rare and exquisite combination of many ingredients.  It is not just floral but also earthy and verdant, green  and herbal, and most of all heavenly.  All it takes to feel I am  wearing the finest perfume is just a drop or two of this on my pulse points.  Everyone asks, “What are you wearing?”  I just say Heaven on Earth.  Just a side note for those of you who love our Sacred Touch blend of “Wisdom,” this is the floral ingredient in it.  It is beauty with complexity, depth, and richness, like wisdom itself.

Safety Note:  Avoid during pregnancy or if epileptic

 Skin: Frangipani essential oil can be used to elevate mood, inspire wisdom and right thinking, and carry us to exceptional heights of beauty. It can also help improve the appearance and color of skin in peripheral areas i.e. hands, arms, legs and feet

Mind: Frangipani helps relax the brain and can help with fatigue, and mental over-load from inflammation and illness.

Body: Frangipani essential oil has an affinity with the digestive tract and those who have indigestion due to stress and anxiety.

Blends well with: All florals (especially rose), All citrus, Lavender, and Bergamot


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