Pure Attraction Pure Artisan Blend Oil


Pure Attraction Pure Artisan Blend Oil


Pure Attraction comes from confidence and a radiant projection of life.  It’s not just an affirmation we make to our self.  It’s how we connect with the world.  When we project confidence and well-being, we create a different physical, emotional, and social presence.  This inspires confidence from others.  It confirms good will, and many good things come from that simple state of mutual confidence.  This is a great blend for all occasions. It is an amazingly clean and powerful, with top notes of Rosewood and Orange, with base notes of Sandalwood.  Not only does it signal all the good things of life, it seems to banish and cleanse from our consciousness all the fears and doubts connected with former scarcity or loss.  This is very gender neutral and appropriate for all occasions.

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