Angel of the Morning


Angel of the Morning. 

Our newest creation from the studio and a touch from Heaven.

Now for a short while it sill be on sale for 30% off, just to let you celebrate with us.


Just a few days ago a beautiful angel appeared in my studio to offer a blessing for the morning. I was blending oils at that time.  She directed me to the supply bottles of fruit tree blossoms and then nudged me to reach for the bottle of Peppermint. Oh, I said, you want the whole world to have a morning blessing.  I got that idea pretty quickly also, because I remember my own orchard on the vineyard and how I would go to work in the early morning when dew was still on the peppermint plants growing by the shed. What we created in that moment is the essence of fresh beauty in the cleanness of morning air. We now have “Angel of the Morning.”  The lovely blend is all fruit tree blossoms and a touch of peppermint.  Fresh and clean as Heaven.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 2.5 × 1 × 1 in
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1/3oz, 1/6oz


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