Anointed With Oil: The Power of Scent


The NEW and EXPANDED second edition.  101 pages of rare and valuable information  about two traditions of inspiration, enjoyment, and healing: Aromatherapy and Temple Fragrance, that came from the natural essence of plants, and our earliest use of herbs for medicine and spiritual practice. 

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“Anointed With Oil: The Power of Scent” NEW and EXPANDED second edition. 101 pages, with valuable new information that clarifies the two rivers of inspiration, enjoyment, and healing that can come from the natural essence of plants, both for spiritual uplifting and aromatherapy.

Learn to immerse yourself in the bountiful aromas of life, and also discover one of man’s oldest healing techniques. This 81 page book is packed with easily readable and enjoyable information about the history, nature, and miraculous power of scent to transform our daily life and our moments of inspiration. If you have ever wondered why you are transformed by a walk in the woods or a fragrant garden, if you are curious about the powerful connection between emotion and scent, then you will find many of your answers in this book.

To anoint with oil is one of man’s oldest healing techniques, and one of the most beautiful gestures of blessing and gifting. Discover a Therapy of Wholeness that engages your most primal sense with your highest guidance for optimal happiness and well-being.

This is the perfect companion and information guide for those of you who already know and use our essential oils. It is the perfect gift for introducing another person to the experience of scent as a path to wholeness.

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