The Keys of Jeshua

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There are keys that open doors to astounding perceptions and higher states of being. These keys have now been revealed.

The Keys of Jeshua is not about religion. Nor was it written to solicit, reinforce, or change existing beliefs. These teachings are a gift to your heart for the fulfillment of your life.

Discover the courage to be fully conscious. Unlock your creativity. Fulfill the desires of your heart. Learn how to enter the Sacred Heart and know your soul’s true purpose. Learn to release, forgive, and receive the ultimate blessing of true freedom. Gain enlightenment and practical techniques to bring this new understanding into reality. Find peace within yourself.

“The Keys of Jeshua” is the culminating presentation of the conversations between artist Glenda Green and Jesus Christ that took place in 1992 while she painted his portrait. He personally appeared to her. (He has appeared many times to others since the day of his resurrection.) Their visits were warm, personal and completely vivid to all the senses. She took extensive notes for her own future study, not realizing that he would eventually ask her to share them with the world.

“The Keys of Jeshua” presents the remaining notes from their original conversations, plus the continuing lessons of subsequent years. More than that, it stands alone as a perfected light of what his teachings have always been. These are the quintessential instructions of the Beloved Master now presented within the context of contemporary language and modern understanding.

Each chapter begins with a message from Jeshua. Each message presents a crucial “Key to Life”. Following that, there is a contribution from the author, correlations with the Bible, other words of wisdom, and practical applications to life. Last, but not least, for subjective realization of the message, each chapter ends with a meditation and prayer. It is recommended that you enjoy this book with all your faculties of understanding, from objective to subjective, and allow a holistic perception of these revelations to develop in your heart.

In honor of her many extended conversations with Jeshua, Glenda has created a second portrait “Jeshua”. This painting was completed in 2006.

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2 reviews for The Keys of Jeshua

  1. Kim

    Just when I though it couldn’t get any better, this book just keeps on giving. Usually I’m cautious on follow-up books as they just reiterate what the first book said. Not this one, it was totally new and inspired information and I have read it many times. Thanks Glenda for being you and sharing your (our) Jeshua with us.

  2. [email protected]

    This book followed “Love Without End”, which I consider the best book I have ever read. However, “The Keys of Jeshua” is a close second, and stands on its own as a masterful presentation of many truths. I have read both books many times and they both yield new realizations each time I read them. I also enjoy the themes of each chapter for meditation and prayer. -Dale

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