Exodus 30:23 Temple Blend


Exodus 30:23 Temple Blend Oil


Taken from the actual formula in the Bible (Exodus 30:23). This blend of Myrrh, Cassia, Calamus and Cinnamon is a sacred and powerful blend. The Biblical measurements of shekels and hins were converted to modern day units and blended exactly as specified in the original King James text.   It is recommended for aromatic use only, for mental and spiritual elevation, and not to be placed on the skin.  It is still used to this day in the Temple of Jerusalem.

Exodus 22-32:  “And the Lord said to Moses: Take the best spices, five hundred shekels’ weight of liquid myrrh, and of sweet cinnamon half as much, that is, two hundred and fifty shekels, and two hundred and fifty shekels of sweet calamus, and of cassia, five hundred shekels’ weight measured by the scale of the holy place, and of olive oil a hin: And make these into a holy oil, a perfume made by the art of the perfume-maker; it is to be a holy oil. This oil is to be put on the Tent of meeting, and on the ark of the law, and on the table and all its vessels, and on the support for the lights, with its vessels, and on the altar for burning spices, And on the altar of burned offerings with its vessels, and on the washing-vessel and its base.  And you are to make them most holy; anything touching them will become holy.  And put the oil on Aaron and his sons, making them holy to do the work of priests to me.  And say to the children of Israel, This is to be the Lord’s holy oil, from generation to generation.  It is not to be used for man’s flesh, and no other is to be made like it: holy it is, and you are to keep it holy.”

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