Gods Creative Gift: The Artist in You


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The origins of human civilization, and the development of consciousness, was created through art…long before there was anything resembling science or politics, not to mention written language.  And not painting or sculpture either…the way we are was evolved through the art of living together, human intuition, ritual, organization, ceremony, and celebration of life with significance.   You are who you are because of art.  We are who we are as a people because of art.  In all the stories of creation there is not one that said God first did a mathematical equation of what was possible.  As an art historian I can tell you that every new epoch in human development was presaged with a change in the way we express our sense of art and artistry of life.  Art therapy is one of the most important new developments in psychology, because it allows for how our intuition expresses itself through significant images and points of order, which then become the way we live.

It’s too bad we think of art only happening in a painter’s studio, a musician’s concert or a poet’s tablet. Art is everywhere. And usually art is happening wherever something wonderful and unexpected is in process. Art eases away from the mandatory predictable natural of consequences. My mother used to say, “There is no recipe I cannot fix.” If she can say that, surely we must know God says that every day of our life. But we get stuck in consequences…either because we believe they’re inevitable, or perhaps the only way to be responsible. For God…only good is inevitable…only good is responsible! If you can turn anything to the GOOD…you should go for it!

When you do that, you are an artist! It’s really that simple. I had many doctors and surgeons in my family. They spoke of the time when medical procedures failed and intuition brought about unexpected results. I will never forget the look or amazement and humility on their faces as they told about events like that. These were scientists who did not believe in miracles. But they did believe in the miracle of finesse, intuition, endurance to solve a problem, and faith to see it through. I know you think I just spoke a contradiction, but in their minds it was not. There is nothing quite like surrender to the power of inner guidance and exploration of the improbable until the possible emerges. That, my friends, is ART.

I grew up amidst that level of respect for impossible events, finessed by art. Art isn’t always about beauty, grandeur, or imagination…not even always about creativity. It is always about faith, love, and immersion into the depths of consciousness where boundaries disappear. It is about where you can go beyond the probable into the improbable. In saying that, I am committed to add that not all painters, musicians, architects, writers, and dancers are artists. At the same time, many people in professions we would not associate with the arts ARE ARTISTS. One field in which I find many artists is teaching. Another is therapy, and personal counseling.

This webinar is dedicated to help you find the artist in YOU!

Sometimes life goals and problems require a logical and planned approach. Other times there are no reasonable solutions. Only the extraordinary can work. We can only follow our intuition. Amazingly this is often propelled by innocence and surrender. How do you think God helps the most innocent of creatures?

So often when we think of art we call to mind Hemingway, Beethoven, or Rembrandt. But individuals born with creative passion are rare. Usually art is that final planting of a flower in the garden that gives it character or that final spice on a salad that makes us want to eat more and more. What is it in YOU that knows how to do that? And have you even recognized that, in fact, you DO THAT? Knowing this could change your life.

And above all else, this is a HAPPY WEBINAR. It’s all about all the things you already do RIGHT. It’s all about all the things that express to the world the love that you are. Right now some of these attributes may be held tight inside. Perhaps they have been ignored, suppressed, or even invalidated. But just imagine what it will be like to SET THEM FREE!

Actually, in the end, I have to say that art is extremely magnetic: The subtle attraction that balances all the efforts we put forth with our intention and applications to life. I would like to close this presentation with the three quotes that I used to enhance that chapter in “The Keys of Jeshua” about magnetic energy.


“In the depths of space,

There isn’t a trace,

Of the power that brought it to be.

But it cannot hide,

If you look inside,

It was the Spirit of Life set free.”

Kahlil Gibran (b.1883−d.1931) Persia:

“For what is prayer but the expression of yourself into the living ether? And if it is for your comfort to pour your darkness into space, it is also for your delight to pour forth the dawning of your heart.”

St. Gregory of Sinai (b.1290−d.1346) Sinai:

“The prayer of the heart is the source of all good, refreshing the soul as if it were a garden.”


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