From Change To Transformation


Considering the high rate of change in our world, and our own uncertainty about it, many people are ready to leave the rat race! We observe change as a constant of physical existence, but something about its intense effect upon us feels so wrong… The answer is, change does not relieve our unwanted conditions nor does it bring about the ones we desire without transformation.
We are spiritual beings, existing in physical form only by the greater power of quantum peace and stillness. We are not creatures of change, although we do perceive and enjoy the passing motion of experience.

This webinar consists of four audio presentations and four text lessons, plus one class reunion jam session where many points of the course are discussed.

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We are creatures of TRANSFORMATION!


Transformation is inherent in our nature just as the butterfly’s form is imprinted in the DNA of the caterpillar. Transformation is a natural process that happens on all levels of our being. Pause for a moment and think back to how your life was transformed by simply learning to walk or talk. Suddenly, you were no longer an infant! This was not ordinary change. It was transformation on all levels of being.

Spiritual beings process change differently than the world does. The world merely progresses toward accumulation or disintegration. It’s a rather predictable and inevitable process.

However, WE observe, experience, evaluate, assimilate, or eliminate, and then suddenly by choice transform!

This happens naturally in many phases of life. However, there are lots of other choice points we miss…usually for one of two reasons.

Either we are distracted and overwhelmed by too much change, or we do not catch the moment of opportunity and nurture it.

The secret to transformation is within you. Finding the turning points to ignite it require skill, faith, and courage, plus loving assistance and reinforcement. Remember, it was not the first time you walked that transformed your life from an infant to a child. Transformation came by realizing the freedom and confidence that came from walking, reinforced by many repetitive patterns.

Both our survival and fulfillment require varying amounts of certainty and uncertainty. We all know how important certainty is. What most people don’t realize is that certainty by itself would provide no interest, growth, or achievement in life!

How we deal with uncertainty is a huge factor in the quality of our life. In fact, the quality of our life develops in exact proportion to how much uncertainty we can comfortably tolerate. That’s when we take risks, and operate on faith!

Transformation is brought about through engaging with uncertainty and resolving it to a higher state.

There is only one thing every religion has in common. That is FAITH. They may argue and fight over everything else. Faith is that rare state of being and consciousness that allows us to face the unknown. Faith brings courage. Courage fosters every other character virtue, which our highest values extoll.

Our last webinar, “The Heart of Your Being,” delivered knowledge and skill about the inner place where time and space stand still. Therein we observe change as experience, and finally can make sense of it. Many progressed to a profound state of awareness about themselves and the world around them.

Now, we need to transcend change and become all we were created to be!

Your next Webinar will be less “information rich,” and more guided to take you through the process of transformation. It will be inspiring, guiding, coaching, nurturing, and nudging to accomplish the transition you have so desired.

This Webinar will be conducted through four conference calls, powerful worksheets every week, for moving daily activity into the pathway of transformation. Peace, passion, creativity, and faith will be multiplied. At the same time, from a higher state of being, change will cease to influence you negatively, or to hurt, confuse, and overwhelm you.

In this Webinar we will:

1. Examine the similarity and difference between faith and belief. Belief is one of the most powerful driving forces in your life. Faith can make you whole beyond all of your doubts. Through the worksheets provided, you will learn how to examine your beliefs (not all of them are positive), while strengthening your faith.

2. Discover the questions that have been driving your life. There is nothing that glues a person to old conditions and perpetuates unwanted change more than an unanswered question! Through this information, and the accompanying worksheets, you will be able to find your primary life questions, answer them, and create new and better ones that take your faith to a higher level.

3. Present the power of selecting your experiences while allowing others to have theirs. Indeed you can do so. Learn to be a leader in the field of love by examining your experience, your choices, and your opportunity for leading the way to a higher state of being.

4. Master your feelings by learning the triad of effects that generate feelings. Your feeling center is not the heart of your being. It is essential to understand how and why you feel as you do in order to enter the heart.

5. Transform the unknown. What if you could allow yourself to express love in ways you have always held back? What would be on the other side of complete forgiveness? What would you do in life if you could not lose?

4. Discover your miracle goal. What goals have you been suppressing? What goals have you been disbelieving? What goals have been conditioned to be out of reach? You will learn a new technique that releases YOU to BE the goal. This is the master goal that unlocks all the others. Large or small, other goals lose their ability to diminish your faith and confidence when you understand the miracle goal.


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