The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Do Anything


 in 2018 our webinars focused on our connection with God.  Much of our study was highlighted by key phrases in The Lord’s Prayer.  

In this Webinar its about the Right Way and the Wrong Way to do Anything.

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“There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Do Everything
In our webinars this year we are following through key passages from The Lords’ Prayer.
We have already covered in depth two other passages: “Thy will be done” and “Our Daily Bread.”  Now we will study the phrases that most importantly steer us away from judgment.  “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.”
There was a small but pivotal mistranslation of one phrase in our Lord’s Prayer that turned it into fear of life rather than management of it.  Join this webinar and find out what that was.  Life is inherently good.  When it is directed toward good results we have great enjoyment of it. 
There are only a few actions that fall into the darkest zone of negativity.  These are spelled out in the Ten Commandments and a few of our primary civil laws.  However, most of life falls in the “gray zone” of actions that are relative to contexts, intentions, and relationships.  All of life is about relationships.  We are either creating them, sustaining them, or destroying them.  And sometimes it flows from one end of the spectrum to another. 
WHAT MAKES LIFE WORK ARE RELATIONSHIPS!  Whether we are referring to personal human relationships, work relationships, spiritual relationships, our goals in life, or relationships with our self, its all negotiable and fluctuating.  It could range from the dark gray of doubt to the light gray of enthusiasm almost equaling the white light of devotion. 
What makes all the difference are the best decisions in every situation developing for us.  Life is a constantly changing landscape of possibilities.  Therefore we HAVE TO KNOW from within our SELF what is the right way to go.  In this passage of The Lord’s Prayer we are praying for guidance to move away from temptation and into the light of right action.
Except in extreme cases of right and wrong, this is NEVER AN ABSOLUTE.  Our ability to know what to do starts with a better understanding of the dynamics of life, the world around us, and our relationship to it. 
This webinar will dive deeper into the truths presented in “Pathways to Success” in Love Without End.  But will filter these through the essential lens of RELATIONSHIPS.  We can never know what’s right for another person.  But we can know what’s right for our relationship to another person, or to a career, or an opportunity presented to us.  Most of all in our RELATIONSHIP TO LIFE.



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