The Energy of Life


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In all this world there is probably no greater secret, and certainly no greater gift, than that of life. Perhaps it will always be God’s sweetest secret. However, there is much we can know about it from the ancient teachings to updated knowledge made relevant to modern life. This is a treasure beyond price that can assist us in everything we do. Every day, through every breath we take, we are touching the energy of life. To do so consciously, with love and responsibility is to touch the whole world and all of life within it. In these days of troubled storms (environmental as well as human) we all need a higher source for our supply.

Life Energy is amazing, healing, joyous, refreshing, and nourishing. It brings new possibilities and expansion into every experience it touches. Life Energy is radically different from the force-generated, polarized, and linear energy of the physical universe into which we have fallen and consigned our lives.

Life Energy is patterned energy. It is unique in every configuration, like rare and precious snowflakes, and yet connected, pattern to pattern, with the whole of existence. It is all around us, in everything, free for the taking, and yet we are starving because we do not know how to take it. Instead we continue plugging into power sources, such as food, work, social influence, money, competition, and then exchanging it with others for the pay it will hopefully bring.

It seems like most people are a bit low on “juice” today, and its not just the long hot summer with environmental challenge. Its not just the economy or worry about the future. There’s a much bigger challenge, which we can understand better and actually rise in accomplishment if we study the POSITIVE side of all this effort, worry, and fear of the unknown.

Embedded in all the patterns of life is the ENERGY of life and the secret key that opens the floodgates to health, prosperity, and peace. When our life patterns become so reduced and fixed that we cannot change them, we lose energy. And yet, we stay with even non-productive unfulfilling patterns, which drain our life, because secretly, deep in our unconsciousness, we know that the very glue that holds our life together and generates energy for it comes from innate, cultivated, or learned patterns. We all hang on to patterns that give us comfort and predictability, and yet we are all growing old because of patterns that never change, and thus bring no new life.

There is a bank account of fresh energy with which to renew and expand your life! Find out what and where it is in this webinar. Actually, it’s everywhere, in patterned form, the most ancient form of energy ever created from the love of God.

This Webinar was first offered live in the fall of 2011, and is now archived permanently for your study and reference. There are four lessons with extra support material. Each one contains a recorded conference call one hour or more in length and a full-length transcript with information beyond what could be covered in the call. You may download each recording to an MP3 file on your computer or iPod, and print each written text lesson.



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