Balancing Life: What it takes to be happy!


Sunday October 19th, 26th, Nov 2nd, and 9th

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Four Sundays, Four lessons, Downloadable text and audio for your permanent library.

A Happier Life Forever

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Happiness is very personal thing, in many ways it’s a subjective state in which we find satisfaction with life and the experiences we have. We each have different levels of desire and achievement, not to mention tolerance for pain, stress, and challenge, which are unique to each person. All these factors, combined with health, safety and community provide a very likely index for happiness. Extraordinary as it may sound, many people who score high on a commonly assumed index of positive factors and are still unhappy, while others that score low manage to be happy beyond these challenges or absence of positive conditions.  Clearly there are other factors at work!

Something as important as happiness would not be left to random chance in a universe that otherwise makes sense.  Could happiness forever be a mystery, a topic that cannot be addressed with logic and predictability?   Although it will always be unique for each one of us, I believe it can be understood, and was meant to be. We just need to approach it from a different perspective than our socially orchestrated, materially driven world has allowed us to see.

Genuine happiness has little to do with competition or the successes therein. Yes, we do cheer our teams to victory, and when they win, we party. But this is just the energy of excitement; and, how many blue Mondays have been spent after competitive events…even for the winning side? Serotonin levels rise and then they drop off. It’s a kind of manic-depressive cycle.   Sometimes we have to compete for career achievements, and our very livelihood may depend on it. But, these are just necessary events and not the real source of lasting satisfaction in any occupation.

So, what are the ingredients of happiness? Well, first of all, I think you will soon agree that happiness is not, and never was, about ingredients! It’s all about how we manage what we have in life for the right balance of quality and quantity. Too much of anything unbalanced by the quality one desires can become a millstone around the neck. Some hundred years ago when land was very cheap farmers often spent all their money on land with no reserves left to pay taxes or help to work the land. A similar thing happened to Donald Trump at one point in his investing career. And what about the current credit recession in the United States? I would dare say that imbalance resulted in a lot of unhappiness.

On the other hand, Vincent van Gogh poured all the quality of his heart into works that found no audience or collectors in his lifetime and died with a broken heart. No one doubts the importance of his work. But he was not happy! Some like to claim his unhappiness was necessary for the passion expressed through his work. Comments like that are not only uncompassionate, but come from utter ignorance of what real happiness is.  There would have been no conflict between happiness and excellence of work if he had only known the formula.

There can be imbalance in any direction. No doubt everyone reading this has experienced imbalance in all kinds of ways. For many people this is a continual see-saw. It doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a way to understand the requirements of balance, which sustain our happiness. All it takes is to learn a few underwriting principles of this universe and then take a change of perspective that has not been generally provided by the world (which uses imbalance for its progress.)  Those students who took our “12 Laws of the Universe” webinar will find this a ready and delightful next step, because here we learn how to bring the stable and reliable principles of existence into our personal and subjective realm. However, this is not a prerequisite for enrollment. Anyone who wishes to become and remain happy will benefit by this course.

It all begins with confidence. Cherish whatever provides confidence for you. Those who know the stable pillars of the universe will always be more confident. They will be less dependent on sources of momentary stimulation. They will look for strength, humor, initiative, and peace within themselves. They will recognize love in many more ways than before.

There are hundreds of courses and thousands of teachers who tell us that happiness is an inside job and all it takes is a change of attitude. There is a lot of truth to admonitions that you can (and must) choose happiness, that you can adjust your attitude and emotions to support that choice. Wearing a smile soon becomes the real thing.

However, there’s a catch.  We want to be happy as much as possible, but we also want the sanity of being situation relevant in our emotions and disposition. I personally don’t know of anyone who wants to go through life using attitude adjustments to compensate for every unhappy event. And, don’t we grow weary of looking down upon those less fortunate in order to feel better about our own life? How abusive to use the misfortunes of others as a context for our self-esteem, especially when it makes no change in our happiness.

Like anything else worth having, true happiness–the kind that is sustainable and relevant to all phases of your life–is created…and not instantly acquired by gestures, affirmations and inspirational stories.  it’s not that difficult when you know the principles that make it both achievable and sustainable. What we need is PRODUCTIVE INFORMATION and a little nudge in the right direction. It doesn’t take a lot of money, a lot of friends, social influence, or a young body. It doesn’t even require good health or safety. Sign up for this life-changing webinar and find out what it does require. There are answers to the quest for sustainable happiness, and many people through the ages have found and used them. Why not join the list?

Sunday October 19th, 26th, Nov 2nd, and 9th

At 3:00 PT (and Arizona), 4:00 MT, 5:00 CT, & 6:00 ET

Four Sundays, Four lessons, Downloadable text and audio for your permanent library

A Happier Life Forever 



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