The Attractor Fields and Our Levels of Being



Everything that has happened to you, and for you, was because matter, energy and spirit coalesced within fields of attraction. This is the secret of both blessing and karma, of opportunity and consequence. Four audio presentations. 

This webinar consists of four audio presentations and four text lessons for support.

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Everything that has happened to you, and for you, was because matter, energy and spirit coalesced within fields of attraction. This is the secret of both blessing and karma, of opportunity and consequence. This is why, within an array of great ideas, some are born into reality and others fade away. Yes, attraction is a very real force in this universe, but I would not describe it as being governed by some law outside itself and certainly not some esoteric secret. The fact is, ATTRACTION IS THE MEANS, AND THE RESULT OF EVERYTHING…from the very beginning. From attraction, everything emerged into manifest form.

On the highest spiritual level we know this force as love. From a scientific perspective it is currently considered primary activation within a ‘O” point field. One or more attractor fields hold and permeate every dimension of existence from the great galaxies to atomic particles, to every genome of life.

Attractor fields sometimes respond to thought, feeling and intention, although not always. They are a force unto themselves existing in a more primal realm of being. However they do respond to your ‘being’ and to whatever exchange of love is appropriate to their nature. Every Attractor Field is a self-identifying unit within an infinite field of potential. This is the reason Jeshua said “I am is the way.” The famous “Law of Attraction” was based on very sound principles, but applied in a popular and superficial way for the acquisition of “things.” The truth is, how we see our self and cause our self to BE is the path for mastering our real relationship with the fields of attraction, and most of all the attraction field that we ARE.

When you have finished this webinar you will see how everything Jeshua taught was about mastering the power of attraction. His words will take on a great new meaning that will become a heightened revelation in your life. How would you like to claim the power within you, the power that love knows best how to handle?

The ultimate Attractor Field is the infinite potential from which our universe was created. In the beginning there was Love, and that was the original creative power of attraction. It still is. Our being, (which is love) is the power behind all we personally attract.

However, we each have many levels, or states, of being. Some of them we favor less or have finished with. Yet they still carry a power of attraction, as all being does. It’s a bit like walking around with chewing gum on your shoes. So, we compensate with thoughts, intentions, affirmations and efforts directed toward more preferable results. Sometimes this works for a while. Then it can reverse into an opposite effect, or the same old pattern we are seeking to remove. Here’s why.

We confuse attraction with magnetism. What we call magnetism today is a far distant step-child of attraction. Magnetism is the result of energy polarization, and has as much to do with repellency as with attraction. Pause for a moment and think about all the connections, events, activities and things you “called forth” or magnetized that carried a flipside of undesirable experience. Therein lays all the frustration with manipulating attraction for what we want even with intentions and thoughts.

This webinar will bring you face to face with a more potent source of creation and success. You will gain more clarity about the many fields of your being and their relationship with the ultimate Attractor Field. This field has been set aside for all time to be a fountain of life. This field generates whether you think about it or not, and it provides according to the state of being you offer for it to see.

What you will learn goes far beyond what most people have ever considered. It explains why Jeshua said one cannot ascend into bliss by good deeds alone, or avoid anguish only by purging our misdeeds. It explains how the thief who died beside Jeshua joined him in Paradise that day. There is an amazing mystery here to be revealed.

All classes are recorded and available online for instant replay at your convenience. They may be saved on your computer for permanent records, and the text may be printed for your perpetual study.


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