The Scents of Life


Sunday March 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd

At 6:00 PM ET; 5:00 PM CT;  4:00 PM MT, and 3:00 PM PT

Four Sundays, Four lessons, Downloadable text and audio for your permanent library.

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The title of this webinar is very much a play on words.

It refers not only to scent, but also to sense and intuition for all things natural, living and sublime.   It refers to the deeper and naturally truthful instincts of our body, heart, and soul coming into union to reveal profound answers for our life and daily needs.

This Webinar corresponds with the release of Glenda’s NEW expanded second edition book, “Anointed With Oil, the Power of Scent.”

It also coordinates with the addition of eight new pure botanical essential oils to our product line.  These pure botanicals are invaluable to anyone’s cabinet of natural remedies along with knowledge of what they contribute and how to use them.

As always, Glenda’s webinars offer break-through and elevating knowledge that brings life to a higher standard.

You will receive 4 weeks of amazing information and joy about the natural world in which we live.

A free copy of Glenda’s expanded Second Edition of “Anointed with Oil, The Power of Scent.” Retail $19.95 (standard shipping included)

Be the first to read her new book that covers both the spiritual tradition of Sacred Blends and the herbal traditions of Aroma Therapy.

Learn the secrets of pure essential oils we have chosen to include in our line–the ones that we feel will be most beneficial to you now.   …as well as the life within oils that are blended for spiritual elevation.

Sundays March 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd

Completing the weekend of our planetary equinox)

At 6:00 PM ET; 5:00 PM CT; 4:00 PM MT, and 3:00 PM PT

Every session will be recorded for your playback and download.  Information packed documents and guidelines are included for your continued reference.

Only 100 enrollments available,  and early enrollment is advised in order to receive Glenda’s new book by the time your webinar starts.

Four Sundays, Four lessons, Downloadable text and audio for your permanent library.

A richer and fuller life


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